24 Business Ideas That Can Change Your Life Forever

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Business Ideas Are So Hard To Find. Really?

Starting a business is a pretty exciting thought – but that’s the easy part! The real challenge is to find out which opportunities are specific to your area of interest, expertise or knowledge.

Every potential CEO must make out the time to research prospective businesses before making the decision to settle with one or more.

Unfortunately, a lack of business ideas has made many potential entrepreneurs to give up the possibility of self-employment. The search for a business idea can be tasking.

That’s why we have taken the time at TrustOrRun to provide a list of plausible business ventures where you can invest your time and resources.

Most businesses on our list were added by studying some businesses listed on TrustOrRun and how they have faired thus far.

You Can Also Add Your Business To The TrustOrRun Business Directory.

Sit tight as we dish out some of the top business ideas that can turn your fortune around:

Life Changing Business Ideas

Here are some lucrative business ideas to guide you into your entrepreneurial journey:

1) Independent Sales Representative:

Sales representatives sell retail products, goods, and services to customers.

Independent sales representative have no binding association with any specific company.

They often sell a number of product lines, from a number of different companies.

You can protect your income by diversifying your offerings.

You do not need specialized training or specific experience to work in this sales field, but you should have entrepreneurial qualities.

2) Delivery/Courier services:

You don’t have to be NIPOST or DHL to run your own delivery service. Since the emergence of eCommerce, the need for home deliveries has increased.

All you need is a car, van or bike. Then style a website and promote your services through social media and posting on sites like TrustOrRun.

You can also contact various eCommerce sites for partnership.

3) Affiliate Marketing:

For this, you will most likely need a website and an email list.

Affiliate marketing is when a company pays you money when a user clicks a link on your site or email and goes through to buy a product.

In fact, you can create an entire e-commerce looking website and just link all the ‘Buy’ buttons through to Jumia or Konga.

Every time somebody buys, you get paid a commission of the sale.

4) Livestock Farming:

This business is lucrative. In a country of more than 150 million people, what would you expect?

There is a continuous demand for food and you can make some money.

Poultry farming and fish farming business top the list of this profitable business venture.

This is due to the recent ban by the Nigerian government on the importation of frozen fish and poultry products consequently making supply unable to meet the demand.

However, gain some training before you invest in this business or hire an expert to oversee on your behalf.

5) Laundry & Dry cleaning service:

Go to hospitals, banks, big apartment blocks and flyer them. A lot of corporate individuals will rather give out their clothes than wash themselves.

That how you can make your money. A beautiful packaging and a great delivery service will make you a top-notch dry cleaner.

6) Social Media Consultant:

If you’re one of those types to whom using social media comes as naturally as breathing, you may have a career as a social media consultant.

Do you know that many companies will pay people to help them manage their social media account?

All you need include a laptop, mobile phone, and good internet connection.

Social media presents an unprecedented marketing opportunity for businesses, but only if they know how to use it.

If you can help existing businesses integrate social media into their other marketing campaigns, you should have no trouble making a go of it.

7) Professional Car Wash:

All you need is a strategic location in a city, one or two machines, and good hands.

You can employ a manager if you can’t be physically present.

Make sure you set it up in a professional way and offer premium services.

8) Restaurant:

Eatery business is ever in demand. You can set out on your own and create your own brand, or buy into an already established business franchise, such as Tantalizers.

Make sure there is some uniqueness to your approach.

You could even start a Calabar or Chinese restaurant.

9) Online store:

All you need is a website and the right e-commerce software to get started.

You can sell your own creations and design or items from other suppliers.

10) Open a market stall:

if you have physical products to sell (mobile gadgets, electronics, clothing, jewelry, etc), you can rent a building in a great location where interested customers can easily find you.

11) Furniture Business:

You don’t need to be a carpenter to sell furniture.

Just arrange for regular supply from reliable Carpenters or import exquisite furniture from all over the world while you display and sell in your showroom.

12) Ghostwriting/ eBook writing:

Have strong writing skills and exceptional grammar? You may have opportunities to work as a writer from home.

Businesses use blog posts and self-help articles to engage with customers and improve their search engine rankings. But, what business owner has time to write a new blog post every day?

A Web content company need only have one good writer (you). That’s where your ghostwriting business comes in.

13) Catering services:

If you love baking, cooking, and events, a catering company could be a great idea.

You can work from home and start small catering for local shops, and eateries then scale up to birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, etc.

Be careful with this one and make sure you have all the required licenses like a food hygiene certificate.

14) Tutoring & coaching service:

Do you love teaching & helping others learn. Are there lots of young minds in your area that can perform better in school or exams with your help?

If that’s you, then you should be making money out of it!

15) Training company:

This particular business idea is lucrative because it’s inexpensive to get started and the fields of specialty are endless.

If you have in-depth knowledge of one specific subject, create an online course and charge people to take part on it.

You can coach or mentor in any area from project management to human resource management, sports to weight loss to personal happiness.

Don’t forget to organize dancing classes.

16) Rental service business:

There are people that make a huge amount of money renting out construction machines, cars, party tents, office floors, lands and more.

Yon can invest in purchasing equipment that people will necessarily not buy and rent them out.

17) Graphic design and printing:

Graphic Designing is certainly a skill that lends itself to self-employment.

The key is to work on your portfolio and get a few referrals under your belt. You can design logos, jotters, magazines, images, etc.

You can also expand your services by offering printing services as well. You don’t have to own a press.

Instead, you can serve as a middleman by liaising with printing firms.

18) App Developer:

Development of mobile and web applications has never been more lucrative than it is today.

From the development of an app for a company to creating one for yourself, all you need is a great idea and the technical know-how to actually build it.

Put on your learning cap and become a developer.

19) Beauty professional:

There’s so much you can do here; Hairdresser, Makeup artist, barber, nail care, spa, etc.

Check out Bruno’s place to see how well you can package this art and make money from it.

Beauty professionals are hot cakes in the fashion industry, movie industry, the music industry and event agencies.

20) Public speaker:

M.C.’s, stand up comedians, motivational speakers, etc. are all public speakers. You can be one of them.

If one or two people have ever told you how great you sound on the podium, maybe you should consider a career in public speaking.

21) Photography/ Videography:

With a high-quality camera and an eye for a great photo, this could be your moneymaking venture. Parties, weddings, ceremonies, etc. will be in huge need of your services once you can prove how great you are.

Moreover, you can sell stock images to a lot of websites for use on their sites.

Upload a bunch of images to stock image websites and wait for potential buyers.

22) Tech guru:

You can be the new geek in the neighborhood by offering IT support to those in need.

This could be in the form of software solutions as well as computer setup and repairs.

You have the added bonus of training individuals and company staff on how to utilize your software installations. More cash!

23) Fashion Design:

If you love crafting unique pieces of jewelry or sewing your own dresses, you can combine your love for fashion with the need to make some money.

You can just start out small, to see how your designs would sell; be the designer and the maker as well.

If you would like to hire assistance, either right away or after your business took off, you could do as well.

Don’t forget to setup a website to enable you to reach a wider audience.

24) Crafting, drawing, and painting:

Have you got the skill or talent? If yes, the sky is the beginning, not a limit. Artworks are in huge demand both locally and internationally. Put your creativity to use and watch your life change forever.

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