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    One reason why we own cars is to enhance easy navigation within our locality state or county.

    In many parts of the world, road transport still remains one of the cheapest and most affordable means of movement, compared to other modes.

    Travelling and road trips have become a global phenomenon especially in countries with good roads network considering it being readily accessible at all times. But before embarking on this trip keeping your car in shape is really very paramount.

    The essence of this post is to enlighten readers on three vital car maintenance maintenance tips aside your regular engine check that are necessary before embarking on road trips.


    Whenever we hit the road our first line of defence is certainly our car tires , if faced with critical situations fit and adequate car tires would help avert any form of road mishaps which originally could prove fatal.

    Its always imperative to ensure that your car tires are in top shape before embarking on road trips, checking for the right tire pressure, and overall tire condition is like being 50 percent secure even before embarking on that road trip.


    Your brake systems helps maintain stability and gives you control of your car while on the road, its very vital to carry out a through check on your brake system before you embark on that road trips , an adequate and well functional brake system gives you the ability to bring your car to a halt at any speed while on the road , this is reason why the well being of this integral component of your car cannot be overemphasised.

    Doing A thorough check on your brake system and replacing worn out brake pads before any road trip remains very integral.


    Your suspension system is really what gets you going while the road , a faulty or improper suspension could metamorphose into very unpleasant scenarios if not attended to, before embarking on that road trip its imperative to carry out proper checks on the shafts ,shock absorbers, struts and linkages and also your steering system.

    A proper check on these components of your car before embarking on road trips could save you a whole lot of money and inconveniences in the long run.

    Author:John Adiele

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