Kaduna Startup and Entrepreneurship Programme

The Kaduna Startup And Entrepreneurship Programme

In line with the efforts of the Kaduna State Government to revamp the state’s economy and create more jobs, the Administration of Mallam Nasir El-Rufai introduced KAD-STEP in other to facilitate job creation opportunity for the young and unemployed in Kaduna State.

The Kaduna Startup and Entrepreneurship Programme is aimed at encouraging, funding and supporting aspiring entrepreneurial youth in Kaduna State to develop and execute Innovative Enterprises.

From “Idea” to “Start-up” participants would be trained rigorously and monitored closely and a loan support would be given at the end of the intensive training.

The Programme is structured as a 10 + 2 week arrangement where qualified candidates go through a world-class programme equivalent to an Entrepreneurship Diploma plus access to finance.
Initially there is a 10 – week intensive training followed by a grand examination which leads to a 2 – week access to finance training and accessing the loan. Candidates are initially issued with an interim statement of result and subsequently will be issued with an ENTREPRENEURSHIP DIPLOMA, If they run the Business successfully for 18 Months.
All Interested and Eligible Applicants are to register online from KADSTEP website via the following link:
For more information on eligibility please check KADSTEP: http://kadunastep.com/apply-now-2/
Only candidates that attain 2.75 GPA and above after the 10 weeks training will be assigned mentors and allow to apply for the Bank of Industry loan. Finally successful candidates would be given their loan to start-up. 
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