Win $25,000 In The NYSC ICT Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program

The NYSC ICT Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program:

It is an entrepreneurship program meant to stimulate, engage, develop and support Nigerian corp members that have unique innovative ICT solution or products or ICT-driven business ideas (addressing specific socio-economic challenges) that can be turned into viable ICT businesses within one to two years.

It is organized by the Office for ICT Innovation and Entrepreneurship (OIIE): A subsidiary of NITDA (The National Information Technology Development Agency) with the responsibilities to nurture, cultivate and expand the ICT innovation and entrepreneurship within Nigeria in line with National ICT Policy and NITDA Act 2007.

They are creating platforms for ICT entrepreneurs to develop, test run, and commercialize their innovation. The focus area under this program pillars includes creating platforms that foster commercially-driven products, services, organizations, institutions, processes, research and development, and socio-economic innovation.

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The NYSC ICT Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program is open to corp members with a unique or innovative or interesting business idea or product that can be driven by ICT.


Successful youth corpers will be engaged after their service year for incubation or acceleration of their startups. NITDA OIIE will bankroll the business incubation cost, securing their placements in some of the successful ICT incubators and accelerators in the country.

How to Enter

To submit a pitch on your ICT idea or ICT solution or ICT-driven business, please complete and submit the entry form: Click here.

Deadline: Ongoing

Wishing you success.

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