10 Sites To Watch English Dubbed Anime Online In HD

Do you want to watch English dubbed anime online? Then you are in for a treat.

Anime is frequently underrated. Those outside of the anime community often think that anime is exclusive to Pokemon and Dragonball Z, but they’ve missed the mark because anime includes boatloads more.

The incredible stories that are found in the anime world can bring you a sense of awe. It’s more than combat, it’s love, art, and storytelling.

Japanese-style anime is widely popular, on a global level, across all walks of life. The intricate themes, well-developed characters, and the vibrant colorful graphics have created a fan base like none other.

There isn’t a more convenient way to enjoy your favorite anime than to stream it online and on your own schedule.

However, watching your favorite anime online can be difficult at times.

There are so many grades of quality out there on the internet, and often a lack of consistency.

Websites often claim to have an extensive library, yet half of their videos will be dead.

All you need is a good internet connection and a quality, up-to-date, ad blocker. Unfortunately, in order to find anything for free on the internet, you have to sift through a multitude of adds.

Some of our selections below are based on their lack of adds, but a simple ad blocker should do the trick for everything else.

Here’s a list of the best sites to watch English dubbed anime:

1) Animeultima.io

Anime Ultima is a great interactive site. It has a clean appearance, and easy to use account set up.

Each video is clearly marked “subbed” or “dubbed”, so there’s no confusion there. There are forum discussions to participate in or to find inspiration in.

They are always posting user favorites and new videos daily. They have a long reputation and a huge library.

Even the most avid anime watcher could spend some serious time on this site to watch.

2) Animerebel.com

Anime Rebel appears a little low budget initially, but over time you’ll grow to appreciate its cleanliness.

Anime rebel is where you go when you’re looking for classic anime. Their archives provide quality titles along with a search by genre feature that will send you on your way when you’re not quite sure what you want to watch that day.

If you’re not into classic anime, no problem! They are adding new titles all the time. The best part about Anime Rebel is their staff. They are very responsive and always available.

3) Animetycoon.org

Good things sometimes come in small packages. Anime Tycoon is definitely an underrated site.

They have a mid-size library, but they always deliver. Just don’t use them on a mobile device.

Like many free streaming services available, their application for mobile viewing leaves a little to be desired.

4) Dubbedanimehd.co

Dubbed Anime HD has great titles and even better quality.

Make sure your ad blocker is up to date, and you will be all set. English dubbed anime is their specialty.

As of yet, they still don’t see too much traffic, so their servers are never clogged. Check them out before they take off.

5) Animefreak.tv

If you’re partial to using your gaming console for everything, then Anime Freak is for you. They have a great chat option for help and suggestions. They also have a great variety and a great community for suggestions.

6) Kissanime.to

Kiss Anime is probably the most popular site to watch English dubbed anime online.

They have a fun gamer-like appearance with clean lines and well-placed adds.

Their collection is impressive, and if you register with them, then there’s, even more, anime to access.

Keep an eye out though because they feature both English subbed and English dubbed anime.

7) Animeburst.com

Anime Burst is definitely for the anime enthusiast. Their archives are complete with shows and movies, subbed or dubbed. Popular titles can be found in high definition, and they are updating all the time.

Anime burst is a one stop shop. They guarantee that their dubs are professionally done, and they reward their most active members just for being part of the community. Win-win!

8) Watchdub.com

Watch Dub has all of the big titles that you are looking for. They are responsive and take the time to address every concern and comment.

They have relationships with partner sites allowing them to keep their library full of recent quality episodes. The community is great also.

Their episode rating system allows you to see what other fellow anime fans think of each episode so you’re not investing your time into something subpar.

9) Viz.com

Viz also has all of the big titles in English dubbed anime. They have a professional looking site with an even better looking mobile site.

They have blogs and commentary to keep the conversation going.

This site truly appreciates good anime. They do run on a schedule, though, which is a bit of a disappointment, but they have great taste!

10) GoGoAnime.to

Featuring everything from Manga episodes to anime movies, GoGo Anime will keep you watching for hours. As the name suggest, they even have an Android app so that you can continue watching, even on the Go.

They have English subbed, English dubbed anime, and raw videos, so take the time to check the title for the abbreviation.

Wrap Up

Websites go up and down all the time making it hard to make a commitment to just one site; they can lose funding, they get taken down for copyright issues, or maybe it’s just a lack of interest.

Getting to know and using all of these sites will bring the most amount of English dubbed amine to your screen. Many will go cross-platform, thus allowing you to watch anime where ever you go.

If you’re still on the fence about anime, becoming part of the anime community on these sites will provide you with ample inspiration to let your inner nerd out.

Great English dubbed anime isn’t hard to find, so long as you know where to look. These websites will give you hours of entertainment.

Enjoy all of the new shows and movies you’re about to discover in these websites and you will love everything English dubbed Anime has to offer.