The Mega Hunt Promo is a trivia-based contest that anyone can participate in for the chance to win exciting prizes, including an SUV, electronics, and cash prizes given out daily and weekly at the end of each month.

The Mega Promo affords you, our dear subscribers, an opportunity to choose from three categories of participation:

  • MTN Freeland – Standard trivia Participation
  • MTN Mega Hunt  (VIP Class) – Premium trivia Participation
  • Master Class (Discovery) – an Infotainment Service, where they can enjoy an infotainment trivia having the option to select the content category of their liking.

Promotion Overview

Freeland: Standard Participation

To register as a standard user, dial the code *173*2# to get a chance to win daily electronics prizes for free. All you need to do is answer daily trivia questions. Your subscription fee is free of charge till promo ends.

VIP Class: Premium Participation

To register as a premium user, dial the code *173*1# for a chance to win prizes worth 1 million naira daily and 10 million naira weekly. To increase your chances of winning prizes, you will need to answer multiple trivial questions. Charges will cost you 100 Naira daily till the promo ends

Master Class: The Master class participation

To register as a master class user, dial the code *173*3# to get a chance to win an SUV which will be given out every month. Select your prefer category to answer 5 Trivia questions daily. Charges will cost you 20 Naira until you unsubscribe because the service continues even after the promo ends.

Promo ends 10th of May 2017.

Click here for terms & conditions.

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