10 Best Mobile Advertising Tools For Promoting Your Business


Tune is an efficient mobile advertising tool that monitors tons of mobile ad campaigns on a large number of publishers and platforms.

By providing a medium known as “Mobile Marketing Console’’, Tune helps you monitor important data and lets you realize the actual marketing channel generating the largest ROI for you.


Admob is a Google-established advertising tool and it does have great popularity across the web. In fact, dozens of app developers prefer it to many other mobile advertising tools you can find out there.

Besides its popularity, Admob is often recommended to both small and sizeable businesses.

More interestingly, it attracts thousands of potential customers on mobile devices and boosts marketing campaigns in the long run.


Businesses use Tatango as an avenue for delivering SMS ad campaigns to customers via mobile devices.

Meanwhile, Tatango does have many of the effective features a business may require in carrying out fruitful marketing campaigns.

Some of these features include essential software apps and the provision of shortcodes needed for doling out mass messages.


People fondly resort to Yelp when they are in search of nightlife events, amusement centres, restaurants and related fun places.

With this, Yelp has become a must-have tool for businesses to optimize their mobile advertisements.

Interestingly, more than 70 million unique visitors are recorded on Yelp on a monthly basis and this makes the platform a guaranteed opportunity for a business to capture thousands of potential customers.


If you’re keen to meet your advertising goals of finding out the ROI of various ad campaigns, Adjust is the advertising tool you definitely require.

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By the way, the tool enables you optimize your marketing strategies by making sure you realize your customers’ location and the actual time they receive notifications about your products.


In specific cases, AppsFlyer performs a function typical of what Tune does. It, therefore, gives you a clear and detailed awareness about your mobile ads.

Interestingly, AppsFlyer could be your perfect choice especially if you’re thinking about marketing a specified app of yours.

What more? AppsFlyer provides you real-time business data which often involves clicks, tracking ability, installs and conversion rates.

Sponsored Page Ads

Sponsored page ads come as effective ads that will potentially reach a large number of users on desktop and mobile devices. Prettily, you could share a post to the Facebook page of your business and since Facebook allows you to manage it as an ad, you could make it reach scores of people whether they’re your direct Facebook followers or not.

Facebook Mobile Ads

Facebook is overly famous, hence the reason why it should come as a top priority among other mobile advertising tools.

Outrightly, it’s beyond doubt that over 50% of Facebook account holders use Facebook on their mobile devices. Thinking about why you should use Facebook in running mobile ads?

One more advantage of this is that mobile ads have much higher click-through rates than ads on desktops.


Through Kiip, businesses have got the awesome chance to optimize their mobile ads and widen their customer base.

Meanwhile, the advertising tool makes it convenient for businesses to capitalize on “moment of happiness’’ to reach out to delighted customers and eventually promote ads.

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Promoted Posts

Promoted posts are a usable channel for a business to deliver mobile ad campaigns to its social media fans. In function, they’re a bit identical to sponsored page ads.

However, the only downside (in relation to sponsored page ads) is that promoted posts are restricted to your network of Facebook fans i.e. they may not be distributed to people who do not belong to your Facebook fan network.