17 Best Online Business Ideas & Opportunities To Start In 2018

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is simply one of the best online businesses you wouldn’t regret delving into. And so, what do you think affiliate marketing requires?

Affiliate marketing requires promoting other people’s services/products through online ads and for each sale generated by you, there’s surely a commission for you.

If you’re damn interested in affiliate marketing, you can tap into the business by either being an Amazon partner or promoting other people’s affairs, products and services.

Some of the products you could promote include video series and ebooks.

Facebook Advertising

Are you skilled in creating captivating Facebook ads? Do you know there are hundreds of companies looking for experts in Facebook advertising?

Nowadays, numerous companies are capitalizing on Facebook’s popularity and this makes Facebook advertising a sure way for such companies to monetize their services/products.

To make huge profits from Facebook ad investment, companies engage the services of Facebook ad experts.

Mobile App Development

Considering the vast population of people using mobile apps, there’s surely a lot you can benefit from mobile app development.

Basically, this is the business of software developers but if you’ve got the required skills to develop popular and exciting apps for users of tablets and phones, then you have all it takes to partner with software developers.


Can you create powerful content that would rouse action from an audience? If yes, copywriting is your passport to a bulk of online income.

As a copywriter, you have the pleasure to work from home and besides that, you could tap benefits from other online businesses such as blogging and affiliate marketing. And how is this possible?

Copywriters are needed to create persuasive content for email marketing, affiliate marketing and even for the purpose of creating a resourceful blog.


Are you keen to help others promote their services, products or brands? Do you want to receive a commission by selling products on behalf of others?

If you’re interested in these questions, that simply means you do have a flair for dropshipping.

Basically, dropshipping is done by establishing an online store as an avenue for selling someone else’s products. Interestingly, this requires nothing of shipping or manufacturing as your sole duty is to sell products. So, what more?

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For every sale you generate, the product manufacturer/owner pays you an agreed commission and one more advantage of this is that you hardly bear risks if the products fail to yield sales.

Graphic Design

Does it gladden you to see a nice website that captures your attention to so high a degree? Well, that shows how influential the work of a proficient graphic designer turns out to be.

Basically, a graphic designer spruces up website features ranging from logos to web pages.

The work of a graphic designer makes anything visual appear much more captivating than you can ever think of.

And one more interesting thing is that being a prolific graphic designer requires your ability to think visually and create something attractive.


It’s beyond doubt that scores of bloggers are in need of SEO experts.

On many grounds, websites and blogs require proficient SEO strategies to stiffen the competition with other blogs/websites and optimize their ranking potentials in Google and other popular search engines.

Though SEO skills are quite technical to acquire, you surely have the chance to monetize your SEO skills.

And what more? Google algorithms and “search term’’ rules are prone to changes and this is why bloggers need SEO experts to keep their blogs on lofty standards.

Tech Support

Are you a tech specialist? Can you render professional support to tech-oriented firms online? If you have a good score herein, nothing should stop you from making cool cash.

With online tech support, you could establish yourself as a freelancer or get hired by a giant tech company.

Quite interestingly, popular sites like Upwork and Fiverr make it easy for you to find online jobs relating to tech support.

Web Development

Can you design websites in the most engaging style? If you have been looking for a profitable online business, I guess here is a pretty opportunity for you to maintain a constant inflow of income.

Like many other online businesses, web development comes with ins and outs which you’ve got to be familiar with.

To be a professional web developer, you must be ready to instill passion, time and concentration. And what else?

You could earn a reasonable amount of dollars by developing a single website. How awesome is that?

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The popularity of blogging is so vast that you could find bloggers in every cranny and nook of the world. And why is that so?

Starting a blog is much easier than you can think of and besides that, blogging is one of the online businesses that could guarantee sumptuous income on a long-term basis.

Though a profitable business, one of the downsides of blogging is that there are thousands of blogs you would have to compete with and this often depends on your blogging niche.

Creation of SAAS

If you’re just getting to hear or know the word SAAS, it is actually an abbreviation which stands for “software as a service’’. And how do you make money from the creation of this?

You could make money as a SAAS developer simply because SAAS is a form of online software (such as leadpages, dropbox and Google apps) that people pay to use.

But to make the best out of this, you have to identify the online service thousands of people are dying to use and will be ready to pay for on a continual basis.

Generation of Business Leads

If you think you’ve got the skills required to generate leads for businesses, then you have an interesting chance to earn online income on a regular basis.

Leads often serve as the driving force of any business and that’s why business owners demand the services of lead generators.

As a lead generator, you’re precisely the linkman and your primary role is to link up businesses with leads to help resolve problems.

Interestingly, this is so great an opportunity to monetize your online activity.

Selling on eBay

eBay is a great e-commerce platform and thousands of people are still making the best out of it.

If you’re inclined towards buying and selling, you could earn robust income by purchasing some items and offering them for sale on eBay.

Interestingly, such items could be clothing materials or any other products popularly sold on eBay. So, how do you benefit from this business?

Though this comes with thorough planning, it’s pretty easy to make reasonable bucks by selling on eBay.

Just get your items ready, then tag them with higher prices for sale on eBay.

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Online Consultancy

Basically, a consultant is somebody others resort to for professional advice having to do with business, education, health and several other walks of life.

If you’re stark confident that you have the experience, proficiency and knowledge required to render advisory help to people probably in a certain field, then you’ve got all it takes to be a problem solver.

Sponsorship on Instagram

How is your follower base on Instagram? So huge I guess! Then you could be used as a sponsor by one of the companies looking out for product sponsors on Instagram.

This, indeed, is a profitable online business but as you aim to delve into it anytime soon, ensure your Instagram account is centered on any of the popular fields such as business and health.

Writing of Resumes or Cover Letters

Are you proficient in creating letters that could persuade an employer to hire somebody? If yes, you definitely have the chance to monetize your writing skills.

Surely, job seekers want to submit professional resumes or cover letters to their prospective employers and that’s why they require the services of prolific writers.

If resume writing is your top priority as a writer, then nothing should stop you from earning bulks of dollars online.

Technical Writing

Technical writing is an aspect of writing that involves creating specialized contents such as instruction manuals for products.

Meanwhile, the beautiful side of technical writing is that it could guarantee opportunities on top freelance platforms including Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelanced.