39 Sports Streaming Sites for Watching Live Sports Free

Free Sports streaming is one of the beautiful activities that help to ease the stress that arises from the normal day to day activities.

Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or not, you can easily reckon that watching live sports online is one of the things many people do to remove boredom and immerse themselves in excitement.

Watching live sports online has never been easier thanks to the arrival of some sports streaming websites that allow you to watch live sports free.

Any time is good to enjoy your favourite sports match but nothing beats the excitement of streaming live sports matches online.

Obviously, it’s a good thing to be in front of your Cable TV set watching the action go down but when that’s unavailable, your smartphone becomes the way out.

Best Sports Streaming Sites

The internet hosts plenty of sites that provide live sports streaming free. Quite interestingly, this gives us the opportunity to stream live sports matches right from the comfort of our iOS and Android smartphones.

Although some of these sites are characterized by shortcomings (such as country restrictions and disruptive pop-up ads), you’ll still enjoy watching sports matches there.

This article broadly discusses the best free sports streaming sites. Many of these sites offer pleasant and swift streaming experience.

Having a review of these sites one after the other will give you clear insights into the one(s) that will satisfy your need for free live sports streaming.

The 40 Best Sports Streaming Sites:

1) BatmanStream .TV

live football streaming sites

BatmanStream might not be the best free sports streaming site but it has proven to give its bigger counterparts a run for their money.

If you’re dying to enjoy free live football streaming, BatmanStream is always at your disposal –thanks to its wide-ranging service coverage.

Every month, the site records 15 million+ unique visitors, making it one of the popular platforms to stream live actions in rugby, football, motorsport, NHL, hockey, tennis, basketball, baseball, and NBA.

Through its chat widget, BatmanStream creates an avenue for users to host sports conversations and share thoughts with one another on their favorite sports games.

Thanks to its user-oriented interface, it allows visitors to scroll around conveniently.

And if you wish to find your desired sports action instantly, you can simply input the title of the sports action in the `search’ box provided by the site.

Like several others on our list of the best sports streaming sites, BatmanStream offers a mobile app available to users of iOS and Android phones.

2) LiveTV.SX

LiveTV is one of the best sports streaming sites that provide live sports streaming on a free of charge basis.

Ranging from hockey to NFL, NBA, and football, the site lets you watch actions as they unfold in the popular sports arena.

With 25 million+ monthly visitors, LiveTV deserves a place amongst the best free sports streaming sites.

If you’re an avid lover of live football streaming, LiveTV is likely to serve you in the best capacity with its decent collection of actions from major football leagues like Serie A, EPL, Primera Division, etc.

One great thing you would love about LiveTV is its language support which covers 4 major languages being Spanish, English, Italian and Russian.

Quite frankly, LiveTV is one of the easiest sports streaming sites to use –courtesy of its simple user interface. Also, this allows for easy navigation around the website.

In case you couldn’t get to enjoy the live stream of your favorite sports match till it ended, you can find the highlights of that sports match by opening LiveTV’s video archive.

3) StreamHunter.TV

StreamHunter shares similar interesting features with many of the websites on this list.

As a free sports streaming site, it allows users to watch live matches unfolding in major sports games like tennis, football, rugby, Moto GP, baseball, hockey and so on.

If there is a need to change your GMT or location, the site makes it convenient for you and you can make use of the site’s `search’ bar as well.

Like many other free sports streaming websites, this site requires you to access it through a VPN service if your country is not among the supported countries.

Another disadvantage of using this site is the constant appearance of pop-up ads which tend to annoy users.

Nevertheless, you’re very likely to enjoy the site by using the drop-down menu that lets you choose your preferred sports game and filter live stream without any glitch.

StreamHunter is, of course, one of the sites you’d so much enjoy if you love staying updated with current and upcoming sports matches.

4) VIP League.CC

If you love to stream live actions in sports games like cycling, Nascar, etc., VIP League is one of the sites you should visit always.

In addition to English, VIP League supports nine more languages including Deutsch and French.

Of course, VIP League is one of the most user-friendly sites on this list as it allows you to set/change your location’s time zone and change the site’s theme to your desired option.

Seemingly, the only downside associated with VIP League is that you may have to use a VPN service because the site can only be accessed by visitors from specific countries.

Interestingly, VIP League makes up for its downside by offering other benefits including free live sports streaming spanning across MotoGP, Formula 1, football, hockey, and lots more.

5) StreamSports.US

This is one of the best live sports streaming sites.

Its huge database offers live streaming nearly in all the sports you can think of ranging from rugby to table tennis, cricket, baseball, hockey, basketball, and football.

Though one of the sites that came into the sports streaming sphere only of recent, StreamSports has garnered a huge number of visitors who admire its great streaming services.

Interestingly, StreamSports is one of the incredible streaming sites you can visit to stream any live sport on a free-of-charge basis.

Ranging from live matches to sports highlights, StreamSports lets you watch sports online free.

And if you’re an avid sports fan who hates browsing sites that show pop-up ads here and there, StreamSports could be the perfect choice for you.

The site maintains an ad-free streaming index that ensures your live streaming experience is not adulterated by unnecessary Ad displays.



If you’re on the lookout for free sports streaming sites best suited for table tennis, football, badminton, volleyball and hockey, chances are that you’d capture the most fun while using LAOLA1.

LAOLA1’s free sports streaming is manageable but it comes with several drawbacks including low-quality streaming and probably frequent ad pop-ups.

To enjoy the site better with HD lives sports streaming, coupled with less pop-up ads, you can opt for LAOLA1’s premium account.

Featuring a user-oriented UI, LAOLA1 offers live streaming services in adventurous sports games including beach volleyball, ice hockey, motorsports and many others.

Regardless of where you are around the world, LAOLA1 grants you free access to its endless collection of sports matches.

As a plus, the site provides a convenient medium for visitors to check upcoming match fixtures.

7) Stream2WatcH. ORG

Watching sports on this site is super intriguing and Stream2Watch is just one of the sites that add beauty to our world of live sports streaming.

If you’re damn crazy about streaming live wrestling matches at all times, you’re pretty sure to make Stream2Watch your favorite sports streaming site.

What more?

Stream2Watch boasts over 10 million monthly visitors, making it one of the best sports streaming sites where you can watch sports online in HD.

Meanwhile, its live streaming is free to use as it covers many sports games including tennis, football, baseball, cricket and lots more.

One sure reason why you’d make great fun using Stream2Watch is that the site features various mirrors for every available streaming.

The good thing about this is that you’re free to use any other mirror if one mirror is not working properly.

Frankly, Stream2Watch offers several other benefits but the only downside is that you’re very likely to bump into pop-up ads which might frustrate the experience.

So, watch live sports online whenever you visit this free sports streaming site.

8) FromHot.COM

If you want free live football streaming that comes hassle-free, FromHot is one of the sites you should have recourse to.

First of all, the site has an incredible and simple user interface that lets you search for your desired sports game and the available matches in it.

Also, the homepage features all the live sports and streaming of all sports is free for every user.

In addition to football streaming, FromHot lets you stream myriads of live videos in sports games like cycling, basketball, golf, baseball, Motorsports and so on.

If you’re a diehard sports enthusiast who loves to discuss burning sports issues with others, FromHot is certainly your perfect choice for free sports streaming.

As you watch sports online, FromHot lets you chat with other sports enthusiasts. The site offers a chat widget which enables you to do this any time and any day.

The only noticeable downside to the use of FromHot is the issue of annoying ads that pop up here and there on the site.

However, you’ll surely enjoy the site for its low data consumption the swift browsing experience it guarantees.

The loading speed is incredibly great and data consumption (whether on your smartphone or computer system) comes at a relatively low rate.

Other amazing qualities FromHot boasts are the incredible user interface and decent design.

9) StreamWoop .NET

If you’re looking for another new website for live sports streaming, StreamWoop comes handy and it offers you the excitement of watching sports online free.

Though there are actions in other sports categories, StreamWoop is best enjoyed by enthusiasts of NFL and Soccer matches.

Some of the other sports games you can stream on this site are golf, baseball, cricket, tennis, boxing, racing and WWE.

On StreamWoop, there is a trending array of American sports, including NHL, NBA and NFL. By reason of this, the popularity of StreamWoop spans mostly the United States.

If you’re a sociable sports fan, odds are that you’ll so much admire StreamWoop’s chat room where users interact with each other, discuss trending sports actions and keep the excitement alive.

By courtesy of its simple user interface, StreamWoop lets you input the name of your desired sports event or match in its `search’ bar so that you may find it in no time.

10) WatchESPN


If you’re a sports enthusiast always craving to watch US Sports, then welcome to one of the best sports streaming sites for you.

With ESPN, it becomes a lot easier to watch live actions in several sports games including cricket, baseball, golf, basketball and hockey.

ESPN offers free live streaming of sports actions and the site is said to be in partnership with lots of American TV service providers.

By courtesy of this partnership, the site provides free streaming services to its users. Also, ESPN allows you to access its database using any VPN service.

If you’re thinking about live football streaming in HD, ESPN is obviously one of the sports sites you should resort to.

Meanwhile, one exciting thing about this site is that you hardly stumble on annoying pop-up ads while streaming your favorite sports matches on it. What more?

The site comes with a high quality interface to ensure users get thrilled to the full while streaming live matches.

Importantly, smartphones users can download the site’s official app which enables them to watch live matches without the need to visit the website.

So, watch live sports online each time you visit WatchEspn.


Bosscast is one of the free sports streaming sites with streaming services spanning NFL, Formula 1, basketball, soccer, hockey, rugby and many others.

In addition, to live football streaming, the website offers myriads of live actions in minor and major sports events.

Bosscast is very responsive especially for its automatic detection of your location’s time in order to provide you accurate updates of sports matches.

Just like that of FromHot, Bosscast uses a chat widget that helps you hook up with other enthusiasts in your favourite sports genre and share thoughts about sports actions.

Moreover, the site lets you watch BBC, AXN and certain other live TV channels.

For live streaming of sports matches, Bosscast features over 100 channels for its users to catch the best of fun.

If you take priority in US sports, you’re very likely to make the best out of Bosscast because most of its users are from the US.

Moreover, many of the sports actions on the site resonate with the needs of American sports enthusiasts.

Don’t forget, all the sports actions on Bosscast can be streamed freely and without any hitches.

12) CricFree.SC

CricFree is suitable for free live streaming of various sports shows but it might be the top priority of anyone who loves watching live cricket matches.

Quite interestingly, the site is designed for free and in-time streaming of live actions in many other sports including football, boxing, rugby, baseball, tennis and so on.

On CricFree, visitors are certain to have awesome streaming experience but there are few drawbacks such as limited service coverage and lots of ad displays which might annoy users.

In other words, CircFree is not available to visitors coming from certain countries but such visitors can still access the website via the VPN at their disposal.

If you crave for live football streaming in the United Kingdom, CricFree is very likely to be your go-to sports streaming website.

Considering its user base of 15 million+ monthly visitors, CricFree is one of the best sports streaming sites to watch sports online.

Also, the site has coverage for sports actions coming from the league matches in various countries.

13) SkySports

Needless to say, SkySports is one of the sites best known for delivering latest sports news in popular sports events and from across major sports competitions.

In addition to the delivery of sports news, SkySports creates an avenue, through a website, for people to watch sports matches online based on payment plans.

Interestingly, you’ll likely come across few or no pop-up ads on SkySports and by reason of this, you’ll enjoy the website much better than expected.

What more?

There is no need to have an account before you can start streaming popular sports on SkySports freely.

Moreover, the website offers you direct HD streaming of the popular SkySports channel, especially in the UK.

The good side of this is that you can use your PC or smartphone to enjoy direct streaming of any sports match being aired on SkySports channel.

14) BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is another sports site but it operates in a very different way from the other free sports streaming websites discussed above.

In a nutshell, BBC iPlayer only allows you to stream the highlights of popular sports matches.

With respect to this, the site is best suited for those who only need short videos of a finished sports match in order to catch a glimpse of the major highlights.

If you’re keen to stream live sports matches or full-length of finished matches, you can try out many of the other sports streaming sites discussed in this article.

Importantly, BBC iPlayer contains lots of important videos relating to major sports games including football, tennis, etc.

For example, you can find an instructional video showing how to play football or tennis.

The other important contents of BBC iPlayer are some private documentaries and interviews relating to sports events.

15) MyP2P.EU

There are a significant number of free sports streaming sites but some of them require you to create an account before you can start enjoying their content.

However, MyP2P is recognized as one of the best sports streaming sites that do not require that.

Put simply, the site lets you stream live actions in nearly all the popular sports.

In addition to its substandard design, one noticeable drawback of MyP2P is the display of rather many pop-up ads.

For sociable sports addicts, there is a medium for engaging with others in sports-related conversations.

More importantly, MyP2P provides about 5 links for each of the live sports on its list.

The benefit of this is that visitors can easily try any of the other 4 links if one of the 5 links is not functional.

16) HotStar

HotStar is one of the most cherished video streaming sites. A streaming platform owned by Star India, HotStar offers a broad range of videos including web series, live sports, movies and TV shows.

The site is widely admired for incredible features including a quick search technology, a user-oriented interface and a top-quality streaming technology.

By courtesy of its amazing streaming technology, users get to stream videos in high-quality formats. In fact, you can watch Telugu movies here.

If you’re one of the sports lovers craving for live football streaming in HD, HotStar could be the way to go.

The site boasts 100 million+ downloads and attracts about 4 million daily users from India.

For a better experience, users of HotStar can download the site’s mobile app to their smartphones including iOS and Android devices.

HotStar supports 8 different languages and its users enjoy over 50, 000 hours of TV contents.

Although HotStar is one of the most popular websites for streaming TV series, the site offers lots of content spanning different sports including badminton, athletics, Formula 1, kabaddi, etc.

On HotStar, watching Indian movies, and live sports actions is free of charge but users are required to sign up for the premium account in the case of certain contents.

Another noticeable drawback associated with HotStar is that people outside of countries like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Nepal can only access the site’s services through VPN.

17) Sony Live

Owned by Sony Pictures Networks, Sony Live is an eminent online platform for watching free sports matches online.

Some of the sports games it covers are basketball, cricket, WWE, tennis, and football.

Meanwhile, the site creates an avenue for visitors to stream live updates and matches relating to these sports events.

If you missed the live streaming of your any game, the site gives you the chance to watch its highlights.

Sony Live can be used with Chromecast to watch live sports actions or stream updates on your TV or smartphone platforms like iOS and Android.

What makes Sony Live one of the best sports streaming sites is the full HD quality evident in its video streaming.

Of course, the site can be accessed without any hassle but you’ll have to watch the whole of an ad attached to your any sports video to continue streaming it.

You must comply with this whether you have played that video before or not.

For live viewing of certain sports videos, updates and channels, users are required to attempt a sign-up process by dropping their e-mail ids.

18) WiZiWiG.to

Wiziwig is suitable for users of both computers and smartphones to enjoy live sports streaming in plenty of events including hockey, badminton, volleyball, etc.

For a user-oriented experience, this site allows its visitors to choose the time zone that conforms to their location.

Then, schedules and upcoming sports actions will be provided in accordance with the chosen time zone.

Importantly, Wiziwig utilizes a technology that presents users with a streaming experience best suited for the quality and strength of their network connections.

The only noticeable flaw associated with Wiziwig is the frequent display of pop-up ads.

For every page you load, you’re much likely to come across a pop-up.

With a responsive user interface already tailored to the needs of its visitors, Wiziwig deserves a spot among the best places sports enthusiasts can watch sports online for free.

There are plenty of active users on Wiziwig and this places the site amongst the fast-growing best free sports streaming sites.

19) StreamingSports

StreamingSports is very likely to be one of the best sports streaming sites you will embrace if you hate to see pop-up ads appearing every time.

This site is free to use and it offers unlimited live streaming of actions in many sports including American Football, basketball, football, baseball, motorsports, and hockey.

You also have the chance to watch the highlights of your desired sports match should you miss its live broadcast.

About 20 minutes before the kick-off stipulated for an upcoming sports match, Streaming Sports will have updated the link to the match to keep interested sports fans informed.

Certain other websites are allowed to promote their contents on Streaming Sports and this is why you’re very likely to find many eye-catching promoted contents usually portraying attractive women.

This situation is very different from the issue of too many pop-up ads which seem to be much more annoying.

To catch your desired sports and start streaming live matches instantly, you can simply type its name in the large `search’ bar denoted with `Quick Find Event’ at the top of the site.

So, watch sports online when you visit one of the best free sports streaming sites on your phone or PC.

20) beINSports

BeINSports is one of the best sports streaming sites with certain unique features.

Like many other sites, beINSports offers free streaming of live cricket matches, football matches, and actions going down in several other major sports games.

In case you miss the live streaming of top sports matches, beINSports provides you its full highlights.

The multi-language support featured in beINSports covers English, Spanish, French, Arabic, and several others.

You may need a VPN service to change your location because some of the sports matches on beINSports are not supported in a specific region.

If, probably, your location is affected by this restriction, get an effective VPN service so that you may be able to stream your desired sports matches on the site.

21) Reddit

You might be surprised that Reddit is appearing on this list of best sports streaming sites probably if you ever thought the site is solely meant for chatting with people.

Interestingly, Reddit is one great online platform where people from across the world create subreddits –a minor community for discussing issues pertaining to a certain niche.

On Reddit, there are certainly subreddits for almost every sports game you can think of including cricket, football, baseball, basketball, etc.

In these subreddits, you can simply engage with other followers of your favorite sports niche.

If you’re thinking about streaming live sports matches on Reddit, one thing you should know is that there are no sports streams hosted on the site’s server.

However, you can obtain detailed information about the streams from the sports followers in subreddits.

Besides helping you with additional information, these sports followers often publish links of the streams.

Then Reddit provides a `search’ box you can use in finding your favorite sports stream. The stream could be on basketball, baseball or any of your favorite sports.

In subreddits, sports followers simply post unique and useful links that will provide others with direct streaming of matches in various sports including boxing, NBA, soccer, football, etc.

22) SportP2P

If you’re an ardent lover of major football leagues such as UEFA Champions League, Primera Division, EPL, Serie A, Europa League, etc., this platform was made for you.

Put simply, SportP2P is one of the decent online platforms for live football streaming.

More interestingly, the site offers live viewing of ongoing actions in many other important sports including hockey, tennis, basketball, rugby, motorsports, etc.

To watch a live match, you can simply select your preference from a category of sports listed on the homepage.

SportP2P has a decent layout and the site seems to focus more on live football streaming.

If you’re always dying to watch ongoing football matches online without paying charges, SportP2P could be the go-to place for you.

About 15 minutes before the commencement of official broadcasts, SportP2P will have provided all the live streams it has to offer.

Also, the site updates the links to a particular sports match 45 minutes before the kick-off time.

One major drawback associated with SportP2P is that users usually have to search for the actual effective links because a majority of the streaming links might not function.

23) 12th Player .com

12thPlayer is one of the best sites for live football streaming.

In fact, the streaming platform focuses a lot more on football than on other major sports like rugby, basketball, volleyball, racing, tennis, hockey, racing, etc.

This site boasts wide coverage of football matches from across the globe.

Users can stream the live matches in their favorite football leagues such as UEFA Champions League, EPL, etc., without paying a penny.

Moreover, you’re sure to enjoy live streaming of football updates and news.

At the top right-hand corner of 12thPlayer’s homepage, there is an option for changing the GMT and location in order to meet the schedules of your desired sports.

The only drawback you’re likely to experience on 12thPlayer is the issue of several pop-up ads which might annoy you.

24) VipBox.me

VipBox is a decent and fast-rising online platform for streaming actions in nearly all sports games including table tennis, football, Formula 1, badminton, and cricket.

Each month, VipBox garners over 20% of unique visitors, making it the free sports streaming site with the best growth rate in this year [2018].

Big icons of sports matches are clearly displayed on the site’s homepage for quick navigation and easy use of the contents on the site.

There is more to VipBox’s interesting features and this gives the site an incredible layout with a decent arrangement of sports games.

For live sports streaming, there are functional links you can click but one annoying downside in using this site is the issue of too many pop-up ads.

Another shortcoming is that the site doesn’t stick with a particular domain name for long; it rather tends to change its domain name again and again.

25) MamaHD .tv

MamaHD is one of the free sports streaming sites that is best suited for anyone who watches sports online with HD quality.

In fact, it’s been considered in some quarters as one of the top 10 sports streaming sites with this amazing quality.

On MamaHD, live football streaming is super exciting because your viewing experience comes in the best video quality you can ever think of.

However, the site has few disadvantages including too many pop-up ads and the likelihood of broadcasts to be interrupted.

Europe accounts for 40% of MamaHD’s visitors and every month, the site records over 5 million unique visitors coming from the United Kingdom and the United States.

If you live in either of these nations, chances are that you’ll prefer using MamaHD for following popular sports games including cricket, boxing, football, wrestling, and basketball.

Also, the live streaming covers many unpopular sporting events including snooker and UFC.

Regardless of the browser, you’re using, you’re very certain to have an awesome experience while using MamaHD.

26) CBS Sports

CBS Sports is one of the best sports streaming sites that provide a mobile app for live streaming of exciting actions.

They cover myriads of sports games including boxing, football, tennis, NFL, basketball, golf, NHL, NBA, baseball, etc.

Through the CBS Sports app (which is downloadable on smartphones like Android and iOS), you get to enjoy free streaming of schedules, updates, and live matches.

Some of the splendid features of CBS Sports are its voguish user interface and its lovely layout.

Navigation around the site is very easy and as a plus, you get to enjoy 24-hour service coverage for live sports streaming.

Besides allowing you to stream sports news, CBS Sports lets you watch the highlights of finished sports matches at no cost.

27) Time4TV.live

If you’re always craving to watch sports online, particularly through popular sports channels, Time4TV could be the perfect choice for you.

With 120+ sports channels covering a variety of sports categories, Time4TV is probably one of the best sports streaming sites to access channels that offer live actions in major sports games.

If you navigate to the left-hand corner of the homepage, you’ll find a chat option for users to get one another involved in discussions about trending sports activities.

In addition to online sports streaming, Time4TV allows users to access ABC News, Fox News, BBC, Sky News, CNN and other popular news channels on cable TV and its alternatives.

You’re pretty much likely to enjoy this website but the only blemish to users’ experience is the frequent display of pop-up ads.

Interestingly, all the sports streaming you do on this site is free of charge.

28) Feed2All

If you’re a European or a diehard fan of European sports, chances are that you’ll make great fun with Feed2All.

Considered one of the best sports streaming sites for live football, Feed2All offers action in many other sports including ice hockey, WWE, golf, boxing, snooker, etc.

Each month, the site records over 4 million unique visitors and its more popular in the United Kingdom.

Anybody seeking to stream live football matches in high quality is certain to make great success with Feed2All.

Also, the site updates useful and swift links for live sports streaming.

If the set GMT or location doesn’t match where you’re browsing the site from, you’re free to change it.

Considering its attractive layout plus an easy-to-use interface, Feed2All has got what it takes to excite its users.

Unlike certain other free sports streaming sites, Feed2All ads don’t cause any serious interference with your browsing experience.

Therefore, watch sports online when you visit one of the best free sports streaming sites on your smartphone or MAC.

29) WatchSportOnline .CC

As the name implies, WatchSportOnline grants its visitors the privilege to watch sports online free.

One interesting thing about this site is the HD quality featured in its live streaming services ranging across many sports games.

WatchSportOnline boasts a user-oriented interface that enables visitors to view the current live matches on the homepage.

It’s easy to start enjoying games on WatchSportOnline but first, the site requires you to attempt a sign-up process which takes only a minute.

All you need for the sign-up is your e-mail id and after successful registration, you can plunge into live sports streaming that knows no bounds.

30) FirstRow Sports

Here is another site on our list of best sports streaming sites that offer free services.

This site is obviously a long-standing provider of free sports streaming services and it’s said to have a befitting option for users on slow internet connections.

Over its many years of offering free live sports actions, FirstRow Sports has earned a great reputation making it one of the best free sports streaming sites.

When you attempt to land on the homepage of FirstRow Sports, it’s possible that you bump into a pop-up ad.

And just like many other sites to watch live sports free, this site displays too many pop-up ads each time you click a page.

Above all, the site still excites its users with myriads of live sports videos which they can watch easily.

Also, users have the permission to upload sports videos for others to watch.

To give them the best experience they can think of, FirstRow Sports provides its visitors with some of the most effective links for live streaming of matches.

31) SportLemon.NET

There are plenty of sites that offer live sports streaming but you could be annoyed to see that some of these sites adulterate visitors’ experience with too many pop-up ads.

It’s very likely that only few free sports streaming websites do not show pop-up ads.

But if you’re looking for a live sports streaming site with little, and less annoying pop-up ads, SportLemon would be a great option.

Like many other similar sites, SportLemon boasts a decent user interface with contents in many sports including Moto GP, American Football, boxing, basketball, tennis, football, etc.

Interestingly, navigation around the website is dead easy and users are allowed to scroll to the top right-hand corner of the website to change their location.

Lists of links for live sports streaming are provided on SportLemon but you’ll have to go through a list to determine the actual link that is effective.

Notably, all the sports streaming links on SportLemon are free and the site clearly states that it does not “offer paid streams’’.

As soon as you land on the homepage and scroll down a little bit, you’re sure to find a long list of sports matches and the times scheduled for their kick-off.

32) FootyWire

FootyWire is one of the free sports streaming sites you should try out if you wouldn’t like to bump into pop-up ads.

On FootyWire, live football streaming, watching live basketball matches and streaming live actions in other sports events is absolutely free.

In case you missed a particular sports match, you can still find the highlights of the match and stream at no cost.

In addition to football, FootyWire offers live streaming in many other sports games including boxing, baseball, basketball and tennis.

Whether you’re browsing FootyWire from your PC or smartphone, you’re damn sure to enjoy its responsive layout and its decent user interface.

If you’re a lover of FOX Sports, you’ve got the amazing opportunity to stream the popular sports channel on FootyWire.

Courtesy of its basic user interface, FootyWire lets you find your desired sports match easily by filtering with sports category.

The site also shows updates on upcoming live matches and only the effective links that will take you to the streaming page are provided.

33) RedStream .TV

RedStream offers sports streaming in HD quality and you’re very likely to watch sports matches in major sports games without sacrificing a single penny.

The site boasts wide-ranging streaming plus language support for important languages including Spanish, English, German, French and Italian.

The only shortcoming of RedStream is the issue of several pop-up ads. However, those ads won’t pose serious disturbance to your experience on the site.

The responsive and user-oriented interface of RedStream allows users to see the fixtures of upcoming sports matches.

When you navigate to the top right-hand corner of the homepage, you will find an option that lets you change your GMT or location for a better experience.

Interestingly, the homepage of RedStream presents you an imposing list of sports matches unfolding.

From this, you can simply start enjoying your favorite games once you find it on the homepage.

34) atdhe.to

Seeing sports online comes with excitement especially when it’s free of charge. Obviously, ATDHE is one of the sites that make this possible.

Regardless of where you are in the world, ATDHE is ready to serve you with free streaming of live matches in many sports ranging from volleyball to tennis, rugby, soccer, poker, and boxing.

Also, the site provides visitors with the streaming of live actions from ESPN TV channel.

Courtesy of its exceptional user interface, ATDHE provides a detailed list of matches in various sports games on a daily basis.

The daily sports actions are clearly displayed on the homepage for visitors to choose their favourites and start streaming freely and quickly.

One major disadvantage of ATDHE is that all visitors, except those in UK and the US, need any VPN service to access the site.

Sports matches are available for streaming in HD and unlike certain other best sports streaming sites, ATDHE doesn’t require visitors to attempt any sign-up process.

35) SportStream. tv

SportStream is one of the best sports streaming sites designed for enjoying live actions in various sports including volleyball, baseball, football, tennis, hockey, etc.

Considering its responsive layout and its user-oriented streaming services, SportStream has been deemed one of the best free sports streaming sites.

With the help of its simple user interface, SportStream keeps you updated with your favourite sports matches.

Meanwhile, the site’s homepage is packed with latest schedules and updates for users to find the ones that relate to their dearest sports games.

One of the amazing things about SportStream is the regular update of its links to ensure visitors can always check them to know the ones that are working.

On SportStream, watching online sports is free and you can always expect to make fun out of it.

But sadly, the issue of pop-up ads is the only blemish to the site’s beautiful sports streaming atmosphere.

36) LiveSport24 .net

If you’re a sports lover who follows sports like volleyball, basketball and football, you might like to stream sports matches on LiveSport24.

However, reverse is the case for lovers of cricket because LiveSport24 has no coverage for cricket matches.

One interesting thing about the site is that it doesn’t require visitors to set up any account in order to see live sports actions.

LiveSport24 also supports plenty of sports channels.

The only noticeable thing which might irritate users of LiveSport24 is the issue of interruptive ads which show up here and there even when streaming sports matches.

LiveSport24 provides about 5 streaming players for each of the sports on its list.

The good side of this is that users will have the opportunity to try out the others if one of the streaming players is malfunctioning.

37) Hulu

Hulu is another interesting site for to watch live sports although it’s best known for streaming TV shows and movies.

Some of the major sports streaming channels Hulu supports are ESPN, CBS and NBC.

For a whole month (probably your first 1 month on the site), you’re allowed to filter sports channels according to your location without being charged.

However, you’ll be required to pay a certain fee to do the same after that.

The site also offers highlights of finished sports matches for the benefits of those who missed live streaming to catch up with all that went down in the matches.

Also, this site features absolute support for Amazon fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, etc.

Of course, Hulu is one of the sites that add beauty to online sports streaming through a mobile app for both iOS and Android users.

The app gives you the ease of viewing sports matches directly and right from the comfort of your smartphone.

38) All Sport Live

All Sport Live is more popular in Russia and it has massive live streaming coverage for sports including tennis, hockey, football, etc.

A free-to-use sports streaming site, All Sport Live displays a list of major sports matches with their kick-off times.

These timings are clearly shown on the homepage but it’s strongly advisable that you activate Google Translator on your smartphone before landing on this site’s homepage.

Obviously, All Sport Live boasts a lovely user experience and simple layout but its sports streaming comes in various language hence the need for Google Translator to use the website.

Unlike certain other sports streaming sites, All Sport Live doesn’t seem to have country restrictions.

39) Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports is another free-to-use site for live sports streaming. Although the site is not really popular, it provides regular and recent updates on actions going down in nearly all sports events.

Basically, Yahoo Sports is a news website that hosts short videos of your favourite sports match.

Some of the popular football competitions featured on the site are Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Serie A, Europa League and UEFA Champions League.

This site could be a great alternative if many of the other sites on this list are giving you restrictions or failing to live up to your expectation.

Yahoo Sports boasts a beautiful design with a lovely display of latest sports news in football, basketball, cricket and several other top sports.

40) StrikeOut.nu

StrikeOut is one of the best sports streaming sites to watch live sports online for free.

It hosts a wide variety of streams in big sports competitions including Rugby Union, NBA, MLB, NCAAF, EPL, MotoGP, F1 and NFL.

Courtesy of its pleasant user interface and its simple layout, StrikeOut is one of the easiest sports streaming sites to use.

Fast streaming of live sports matches is guaranteed on StrikeOut and this makes it one of the most reliable sports streaming websites on this list.

This site makes watching sports online an easy task. If you don’t seem to find what you need on the homepage, you can make use of the `search’ bar at the top of the page.

Interestingly, StrikeOut doesn’t seem to display pop-up ads when you’re loading pages.

All you’re likely to see are promoted contents that won’t really irritate you compared to frequent pop-up ads.

Also, StrikeOut features support for a number of TV channels.

A few of the many sports games you can stream their matches on the site are snooker, table tennis, cricket, volleyball, badminton, boxing and football.

For ease of use, you’ll find a detailed list of these sports games as you scroll to the bottom of the homepage.

The homepage also features the trending sports matches and if you’re an avid lover of football, you’ll likely enjoy this site better.


Some of the free sports streaming sites in this article offer more advantages than others.

If you’re a sports enthusiast who prefers to use only the best sports streaming sites for viewing your favorite sports matches, you may have to try out these sites.

One interesting feature about the sites in this article is that they all offer free streaming of live sports.

As for some of these websites, you might need an ad blocking tool to avoid coming across annoying pop-up ads while using them.

Also, several other sites have country restrictions but with the help of an effective VPN service, you can always overcome this obstacle.

Hopefully, you’d have a lovely review of all these sites to compare their features, advantages, and disadvantages and eventually decide the ones that suit you best.

So, watch sports online when you visit any of the best free sports streaming sites listed in this article.