Don’t Give Up: It Is Worth Waiting For!

don't give up

Don’t let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use.” -Earl Nightingale

Whether you are a businessman tending a company, a would-be scientist concocting fluids in test-tubes or an artist prying through a range of colors, the search for inspiration lies at the heart of your endeavor.

No-one really wants to succeed trying to imitate what countless others have done.

And this compulsory thirst for uniqueness calls everyone to a fervid hunt for a world of something new—a place of exclusive distinctiveness. You really want to be different.

The way we individually find what inspires us differ from person to person and our various methods come with a result of the difference in the kind of inspiration we arrive at.

However, what worries people more about inspiration and breakthrough is the “when will it come” question; not necessarily “how will it come”.

    • When will I figure out how to make a juicier profit?
    • When will I find the right reagent to bring my experiments some amazing result?
    • When will the idea for that book arrive?
    • When will the customers start flooding my store?
  • When will I get the right staff to employ?

The usual human response to the timing of inspiration is to hasten how soon it comes. This we often do by staying long hours at the endeavor tildon't give upl something strikes us to see things we haven’t seen before and be inspired by consistent immersion in the given task.

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Unfortunately, the logic seems counter-intuitive since it appears we are looking for something fresh by continually doing things the old way.

Alternatively, some others give themselves a break from the situation they have been stuck in for a while and befriend some leisure hoping that the inspiration might easily walk into their heads when it is less encumbered with how they’ve always done things.

Whatever we do to be inspired, it is fundamental that we don’t  get in the rush against time. Or circumvent the waiting and settle for less.

Time itself, we must admit, is a crucial gift to our search of inspiration. Those moments we wait up for that “blue-streak” does something remarkable to how we cherish what we are looking for when we eventually find it.

The stretch of time between the old and the new pulls you out of your comfort zone to peek into an array of ideas apparently different from the shades you are conversant with.

This experience is itself staggering. It deepens the phenomenon of being inspired.

That’s the clarity that escorts every inspiration—the knowledge you gathered along the way to it.

The much we know about being inspired is that even though we can hasten it by gleaning on green information, the journey to it is equally as important as attaining it.

This way, we accustom our minds to love the challenge that the pursuit for inspiration generates and abandon the anxiety that comes with waiting for the moment of being inspired.

I believe we can be inspired faster than we thought possible when we aren’t cluttered by the tension that arises from waiting for it.

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Remember, difficult things take a long time, impossible things a little longer.

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