Top 20 Sites To Download Latest Nigerian Movies

Nigerian movies have grown beyond the boundaries of Africa. They are viewed by countrymen and foreigners all around the globe.

Hundreds of thousands of the latest Nigerian movies are widely circulated across the globe and the following continues to grow

In fact, UNESCO rated the Nigerian movie industry(Nollywood) as the second-biggest film industry in the world after Bollywood.

It is no longer new to see search terms like “download Nigerian movies” or download Yoruba movies dominating the popular search engines.

This is not surprising considering the recent investment in the Nigerian film industry (Also known as Nollywood) compared to the past when movies were self-funded.

Moreover, the resurgence of Movie theaters all around Africa has contributed to the growth and acceptance of Nigeria movies.

Download Latest Nigerian Movies

So you want to download the latest Nigerian movies online?

Or you are looking for where to download free Nigerian movies? Or you simply want to stream them from the comfort of your laptop and smartphone?

Then you are in for a treat.

We are gonna give you the best sites to download Nollywood movies online on your phones.

Using these sites you can easily watch Nollywood movies online. The latest Ghanaian movies by top Ghanaian actors and actresses can also be viewed on these sites.

So, let’s dive into our hand-picked list of websites to see new Nigerian videos.

Sites To download Latest Nigerian Movies

1) YouTube Nigerian Movies

YouTube allows users to upload, view, rate, share, add to favorites, report, comment on videos, and watch movies online free.

Thanks to this, there are thousands of latest Nollywood movies that have been uploaded to this video streaming service.

It is also a great avenue to watch tv series without spending a dime.

You don’t need to fret about heavy data consumption when you stream Nollywood movies on youtube. You can simply adjust the video quality to accommodate your allocated data bundle.

Also, Youtube is a great place to stream sports legally using your phones and tablets.

2) Nigeria Movie Network:

People visit Nigeria Movie Network (NMN) regularly to search and discover free Nigerian movies and latest Ghanaian movies to watch online and to also read well-articulated Nollywood news and gist as reported by Nigeria Movie Network.

Registered members can bookmark their favorite videos to watch later and also create a playlist to share with friends.

Just visit this site and enjoy free Nigerian movies instantly on this website.

Find the required movie from Genres or from search bar easily.

How to watch Nigerian movies on Nigeriamovienetwork:

  1. First of all, visit this link:
  2. From the homepage, you will be able to see the different categories of Nigerian movies.
  3. So choose your favorite Nigerian movie category.
  4. Then select your favorite movie and press play.

 3) Ibaka Tv

iBAKATV is one of the world’s largest online catalog of Nollywood movies, with over 15,000 hours of incredible movie and TV content streamed on-demand.

On the platform, you get to watch your favorite stars in the latest Nollywood movies, Ghana movies, Yoruba movies, musical videos, and comedy.

So, download & watch FREE Nigerian Movies On iBAKATV. Watch Latest English Nollywood Films & Video On iBAKATV.

You have a choice of paying the sum of just $7/month, to gain access to their vast catalog of movies from the comfort of your home or workplace, via an Internet-connected computer, tablet or mobile.

How to watch the latest Nigerian movies on iBakaTv:

  • First of all, visit this link:
  • On the Homepage, you will be able to see the different categories of Nollywood movies including “movie trailers,” “new release,” and “all collections.
  • Click on your Nigerian movie of choice and give some time to load.
  • Enjoy your movie at your own pace.

4) Video Moja

The Video Moja service is provided to you by VysilHq Network, a United States limited liability company, with its registered office located in Minnesota (United States).

It’s an awesome cable TV alternative for those who love to cut the cord at the cheapest possible rate.

The site has a collection of Nollywood HD movies, Nollywood romance movies, Nollywood Full Movies, Nollywood comedy movies, Nollywood action movies and many others.

It also has a welcoming dashboard that displays the latest, trending, and recommended movies based on your tastes.

The Video Moja app is like non-other. It personalizes the dashboard to suit your taste intuitively.

Check out some of the features:

Video Moja offers free membership access to everyone!

Video Moja runs on membership and membership fee is billed on a monthly basis

They have different Memberships plans, including free and special promotional plans or memberships with differing conditions and limitations

No need to worry about being outdated on the latest Nollywood movies because Video Moja adds new African movies every week following release.

So, watch the Latest African Movies for Free, Access Unlimited Content & Join Thousands of Users on Video Moja.

View movies online using Video Moja:


Download Latest Nigerian Movies

Irokotv is one of Nigeria’s largest internet and entertainment companies.

They have their tentacles in the First class nations of the world with fans logging on from every corner to get Nigerian movies real time.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they showcase the very best of Nollywood hit movies and awesome original TV series.

The Site is owned and operated by iROKO Partners Limited – A multinational company that has its roots in African entertainment.

Streaming Nollywood movies on irokotv is not limited to your computer, the site also has a mobile app for your android and ios devices.

To watch movies on iRokotv, you have to open an account with a subscription fee of ₦3,000.00/YEAR.

Following payment, you have unlimited access to movies of all genres featuring some of the most sought after Nigerian actors and actresses like Omo Sexy, Jim Ike, Yvonne Nelson, and the likes.


TVNolly is a top online video streaming company showcasing the best of Nigerian and African movies to millions of viewers around the world.

It is up there with the likes of iBakatv and iRokotv. They also have the workforce to cater to the millions of Nigerian movie fans across the globe

Looking for the latest Nollywood movies online for free? Find all of the high-quality movies you are looking for right at!

Watch complete, full length, intriguing and fascinating strictly Nollywood movies and download latest Nigerian Movies without stress.

Get the best of English Nollywood movies, Hausa Nollywood movies, Yoruba Nollywood movies, and Igbo Nollywod movies.

This is a platform to watch some of your favorite actors and actresses in Movies with an exciting storyline.

Enjoy movies with action, suspense, intrigue, drama, comedy, romance, adventure etc.

To watch the latest African movies, visit

7) Nigerian Nation

This is a Nigerian website where movie lovers can visit, read gist, stream Nollywood movies.

They showcase Nigerian actors and actresses and also promote networking among movie lovers.

To use this platform:

  • Log on to Nigeria Nation
  • Click on the movies tab
  • Click on the movie of choice and it loads in a few seconds
  • Click on the play, pause and stop buttons on your screen to control it

Pretty easy. Why not try it out and give your feedback in the comments box.

8) RealnollyTV

Download Latest Nigerian Movies

RealnollyTV boasts of a large collection of Nollywood Movies on the web. It brings you the best of Nigerian Movies.

You can enjoy access to over 10,000 hours of movies and television shows, with new movies being released weekly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And with no ads.

Watch and Enjoy Thousands of FREE Nollywood Movies and Trailers when you visit RealnollyTV.

If your movie search is not on RealnollyTV’s movie collections, you can make a request.

Both free and premium access gives you Interesting films to watch online.

For as little as $6 a month. $12 dollar for three months, and $25 annually you have access to unlimited viewing over the internet to your device.

You can pause, rewind, and fast forward. It’s really that simple. Always have in mind free member keeps you closer to new information about our new releases

To Watch and Enjoy Thousands of African Movies and Trailers on RealnollyTV:


9jadownload is a news and entertainment portal that covers all kinds of infotainments that will keep you glued to your digital device.

Fortunately, the site also has a catalog of free movies for fans of Nollywood movies.

How to watch movies on 9jadownloaded:

  • First of all, visit 9jadownload
  • From the above-listed page, you will be able to see all the available movies.
  • Click on your movie of choice and allow it to buffer.

The interesting part of it is that there is no need to register or login to view these Nigerian movies.

Have fun streaming.

10) Naijapals

Naijapals is a Nigerian Social Network that allows you to:
• Watch Nigerian Nollywood movies for FREE (no subscription)
• Discover and Download Latest Nigerian Music (Optimized for mobile phones)
• Meet Someone Special and Unique From Millions Of Our Members
• Catch up With Latest Celebrity & Politics News

11) Buzz Nigeria

Buzz Nigeria is a news and infotainment website designed to keep all Nigerians around the world abreast of all that is happening in the country 24/7.

They have the latest updates in news and other fun topics in areas of Business, Entertainment, Love and Romance, and Everything else.

As an entertainment site, they have a catalog of movies for all Nigerians far and near. They also updated their catalog of movies from time to time.

12) NollyLand

NollyLand is Africa’s First World-Class Movie Platform. It was designed and built by Africans. It is a great place to download Naija movies without breaking a sweat.

You can watch thousands of hand-picked, Nollywood, Ghallywood, and African movies on any device and on any bandwidth (low or high) using one NollyLand Account.

Watch Nollywood movies smoothly on Cellular Networks, 3G Networks, 4G, LTE, WiFi, and on any network, thanks to NollyLand’s adaptive streaming videos. Or, you can manually select your movie quality.

13) OnlineNigeria

Today, there are more than 500,000 members using the portal and services in 45 different countries around the world.

OnlineNigeria delivers honest, compelling, timely news and information that offers insight and information designed to engage and excite.

They also allow Nigerians in the diaspora to have a glimpse into the various Nollywood movies being released in Nigeria.

14) Naijaonpoint

This is often regarded as the movie database of Africa because of the large numbers of movies they have. This platform is easy to use as it doesn’t need you to register before using it.

This is achieved thus:

  • Log on to using your computer, phone or tablet browser. This action automatically leads you to a page where you see all the films they have in store for you.
  • Click on movie of choice and it loads in a few seconds
  • Click on the play, pause and stop buttons on your screen to control it

Using this website doesn’t attract extra charges.


Some positive reviews have stemmed from the use of this by users.

The site is a Boss_Samuel Concept Initiative.

It was built to serve as the go-to website for all lovers of African videos, African music, as well as the desire to get entertainment lovers to update their playlists with the most up to date Movies from Nigeria.

Visit 9iceloaded to gain access to some of the best African movies for the year.

16) codedwap

Another streaming website that enables movie lovers all over the world to watch the best from Africa.

A lot of similar sites like Codedwap are filled with spam ware and malware.

However, at the time of this review, Codedwap is relatively safe compared to other similar sites.

You can also gain access to other genres of movies including Hindi movies, as well as other forms of Nollywood movies like Hausa movies and Igbo movies.

17) NetNaija started the journey to the internet in the mind of Okunlola Adekunle Abiodun who wanted an avenue to share his technological ideas to the rest of the world and also let others do the same.

He picked his domain of choice as and the site was launched in March 2009.

The domain was then switched to since ‘’ didn’t portray what the site was into.

Today NetNaija is running as a forum and a download center, achieving the interpretation of ‘Networking’ (Net) ‘Nigerians’ (Naija) with entertainment and discussion boards. They allow movie fans to view new movies without stress.

18) NollywoodMovies

This is an online outlet owned by Filmmakers fighting against Movie Piracy so that African filmmakers will find the compensation to continue the making of African films while at the same time promoting the sharing of African Entertainment Content, culture, and creativity.

This website is different from other Nollywood or African movie websites because it is owned by filmmakers who are fighting against movie pirates who STEAL from African filmmakers.

You can help their fight by buying an African movie DVD or watching an African movie online by visiting this site.


Another option is here for you. Thanks to this platform,  you have access to watch Bollywood films, Nollywood Movies, Ghana Movies, Hausa Movies, Yoruba Movies, and watch blockbuster Movies online.

20) Waploaded is a broad entertainment website, offering news, entertainment gist, and music, movies, video downloads.

They have an archive of the latest Nigerian movies that is updated almost every day. Also, remember to download the latest Ghanaian movies and African movies from Waploaded.

You also gain access to other forms of content including celebrity gist and news.

Waploaded is fully loaded with all the entertainment you need to have a fun day.

Wrap Up

Nollywood movies download can be achieved on your mobile phones and computers using any of the sites on this list.

Before setting out, you should have an idea of the best movies of the year in view.

Some offer free Nollywood movie download while others only allow you to stream these movies on their sites.

You can download these movies in 3GP and MP4 formats. These sites also offer 720p and 1080p HD qualities.

Don’t miss out on the blockbusters and remember to bookmark this page for reference.

Have fun as you download the latest Nigerian movies online.