13 Best Sites To Download New Telugu Movies Online In 2019

The Telugu movie industry is often called Tollywood and obviously, it has triggered attention from thousands of movie addicts across the globe.

Amidst other popular movie industries such as Bollywood and Hollywood, Tollywood has gathered significant momentum and as we speak, there are lots of people who download and stream Telugu movies every now and then.

Provided you’re a native of India or an ardent lover of Telugu movies, you’d like to discover the host of sites the internet has got to offer for the download of Telegu movies.

This article is a review of the Sites to Download New Telugu Movies Online.

Based on findings, most of these sites allow visitors to freely download their preferred Telugu movies or stream them online.

However, most people would rather download these movies than watch them live.

So, below are the sites you could choose from to download your favorite Telugu movies.


13 Sites to Download New Telugu Movies Online

1) Yify Telugu Torrents

Yify Telugu Torrents is arguably the leading website for downloading Telugu movies. The site offers hundreds and thousands of Telugu movies.

Also, the site’s contents are available as high-quality audio and video torrents which can be downloaded on a free-of-charge basis.

Courtesy of its intuitive quality, Yify Telugu Torrents makes it convenient for anyone to download their favorite Telugu videos including movies and TV shows.

While using the website, visitors can choose to view the full details of the videos or just their pictures.

Rated as the best online repository for Tollywood movies, Yify Telugu Torrents is a reliable platform with tons of Bollywood movies.

Quite interestingly, users claim the site is free from malware or spyware issues, ensuring that visitors have great fun while downloading or watching its video contents.

2) Bolly2Tolly

Bolly2Tolly is another well-known site that allows you to download Telugu movies freely.

The site boasts a huge database of video contents including Tamil, Punjabi, Telugu and Hindi movies.

If you’re seeking to download new Telugu movies, Bolly2Tolly comes in handy as one of the best sites that let you do this conveniently.

If you a lover of the latest TV shows and episodes in Telugu, you’re sure to have a lovely time while using Bolly2Tolly.

Interestingly, the movies on this site are available in other local languages and anyone craving to watch or download full versions of their favorite Telugu movies will so much enjoy Bolly2Tolly.

Bolly2Tolly is an easy-to-use website with neatly arranged features and if you’re always keen to catch up with latest Bollywood movies before other movie enthusiasts get to watch them, you’re likely to make the most fun with this site.

Frankly, there are plenty of websites offering Bollywood movies. However, not all of these websites can provide visitors with the recent Bollywood movies they are keen to download.

Another good thing about Bolly2Tolly is its inbuilt feature for playing videos.

One of the users who wrote reviews about the site claims its video player does it better than YouTube’s.

3) TodayPK

TodayPK is another lovely and free-to-use website for downloading numerous movies in Telugu, Bollywood, Tamil, Hindi, Hollywood and so on.

Rated as the third best site for downloading Telugu movies, TodayPK updates its database with the recent movies in India.

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Besides download, this site lets visitors watch its hundreds and thousands of movies without paying a penny.

In an instance where you can’t wait to download your favorite movies, you could watch them instantly and without any glitches.

Of course, TodayPK is one of the trusted online sources for the download of new Telugu movies as well as exciting Hindi, Tamil and many other videos.

Besides being a convenient platform to use, TodayPK is suitable for nearly all lovers of movie categories including Hollywood and Bollywood.

If you’d also like to download your favorite Telugu movies in the best video quality, TodayPK is likely the go-to place for you.

Needless to say, TodayPK could be the perfect choice for you if you’re looking for Hindi or Telugu-dubbed English movies.

As a plus, the site lets you find your desired Bollywood movies easily courtesy of its user-oriented interface.

There is a rating system for the movies on this site and majority of the video contents are available in HD.

4) CoolMovieZ

CoolMovieZ is another high-ranking site for lovers of Telugu movies to make the most out of their download experience.

On this site, you can download new Telugu movies without paying a single penny. Even as an enthusiast of Western movies, you’re still likely to enjoy this site.

Put simply, you can download the Tamil/Hindi-dubbed versions of your Western movies.

Looking for where to download tons of Hindi, Tamil and Telugu movies? Well, look no further since CoolMovieZ is here to serve you well.

One great advantage of using CoolMovieZ is that visitors don’t experience any spyware or malware attack while watching or downloading its videos.

According to a user, the site enables you to avoid interruptive pop-up ads by using an ad-blocker.

As a plus, CoolMoviez boasts a decent amount of foreign movies, making the site a one-stop repository for thousands of different movies.

5) MoviezWap.Org

This site is an interesting platform for movie enthusiasts to enjoy a seamless download of their favorite Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi and Hindi movies.

Besides offering full versions of movies in various local languages, MoviezWap.Org allows users of various internet-enabled devices to access its contents.

Rated amongst the most trusted places to download new Telugu movies, MoviezWap.Org boasts numerous contents including the latest Telugu movies.

The site is quite simple to use and if you know the title of your desired Telugu movie, you can simply type it in the “search’’ bar provided on the site’s homepage.

As a plus, MoviezWap.Org does have an imposing array of movie categories as highlighted below;

  • WWE Shows
  • Telugu (2017) Movies
  • Tamil (2018) Movies
  • User Requested Movies
  • Telugu Dubbed Movies (Hollywood)

6) Online Movie Watchs

Online Movie Watchs is a site with different kinds of videos available in full versions to lovers of Tamil, Bollywood, English, Telugu, Hindi and Hollywood movies.

Whether you’re browsing the site to download or watch your favorite Telugu movies, you’d enjoy an easy navigation around.

Meanwhile, you’re most likely to find your desired movies in no time.

Perhaps, there are plenty of sites that allow you to download new Telugu movies but not all of them are free to use.

Provided you’re keen to download or watch Telugu movies without sacrificing a penny, Online Movie Watchs is the go-to place for you.

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Online Movie Watchs is quite different from certain other websites for downloading Telugu movies.

To magnify users’ experience and make its contents easy to find, this site places its Telugu movies under individual categories.

If you browse certain other Bollywood sites out there, you’re likely to observe that movies are not separated into their relevant languages.

They are rather packed together and this causes confusion in the sense that users may have to stress themselves a little before finding their desired movies.

According to some users, Online Movie Watchs is arguably the best free-to-use site for watching Mahanati movies.

7) India4movie

India4movie is an easy-to-use website that offers a decent amount of downloads in different movie categories including English, Hollywood, Telugu, Hindi, and Bollywood.

If you’re always dying to download new Telugu movies, you’re very likely to make a success with this website.

Asides letting you download or watch the full versions of your favorite Telugu movies, India4movie provides a variety of languages in a pop-up menu so that visitors can easily choose their desired languages and find the movies under them.

Interestingly, the site offers good video quality and swift response time for playing movies. In a nutshell, movies begin playing once you click them.

As implied in its name, India4movie is unarguably one of the best places for downloading just about any Hindi/Indian movies.

A nicely designed website, India4movie has a reasonable arrangement of movie genres, release years and few other categories.

Once you land on the homepage, you’re certain to find some instructions at the top of the page asking you to enter your login details.

If you aren’t a member yet, you may have to attempt a registration process to become one.

8) Online Movies Gold

Online Movies Gold seems to have a huge database of contents. According to the statement, its movies date from 1978 to the present moment.

If you’re looking to download some old-fashioned Telugu movies, this could be the most preferred website for you.

Quite interestingly, Online Movies Gold offers a whole lot of movies in dubbed in different categories including Tamil, Bengali, Malayalam, Telugu, Hindi, and Hollywood.

The idea of downloading new Telugu movies gets easier with the help of Online Movies Gold.

Of course, this site offers lots of intriguing movies which are free to watch or download but you may need an effective ad-blocker to prevent stumbling upon pop-up ads that could frustrate your viewing experience.

Online Movies Gold boasts a decent collection of latest Telugu movies as well as movies in several other languages.

To help visitors find their favorite videos quickly enough, this site utilizes an interesting “search’’ tool that discovers movies by year of release and the chosen language such as Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Tamil and so on.

9) Bolly4u

Bolly4u is a dependable Hindi site that provides visitors with torrent download links for downloading tons of recent Blu-ray and HD movies in dual audio.

Interestingly, the site boasts a reasonable amount of Hindi, Tamil, TV shows and Telugu movies which can be downloaded freely.

Bolly42 is best known for movie download but the site also offers visitors the pleasure of streaming their favorite movies online.

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In addition to its plethora of Bollywood and Telegu movies, Bolly4u has a considerable amount of Asian movies coupled with an amazing video quality.

10) Teluguking

Teluguking used to be one of the trusted sites for downloading lots of Telugu movies.

Ranging from Telugu video songs to an imposing amount of high-quality movies, this site offered lots of downloads to its users.

On Teluguking, many contents were available for download as Telugu MP3 and Telugu HD movies.

Although Teluguking is not available at the moment, it used to be one of the top-quality movie-download sites.

If you’re one of those who loved using only Teluguking, you may now have to consider any of the other websites on this list for downloading new Telugu movies.

11) MoviesWood

Just like Teluguking, this site seems to have disappeared. However, it’s possible it has had a change in domain name.

Perhaps one of the best sites in its genre, MoviesWood used to contain lots of Telugu contents including Telugu music videos, Telugu movies, Telugu songs, and Telugu-dubbed movies.

While MoviesWood was active, all of these Telugu contents were available for free download.

Moreover, it was easy to use to download latest Telugu movies and several users claimed that they never experienced instances of malware attack.


If you’re an avid fan of stand-up comedies, you’ll likely make the most fun with this website.

SMASHPLEX is a lovely site with a massive collection of contents such as web series, cover music, and short films.

This site offers an interesting amount of Telugu movies but unlike the other sites above, a majority of its contents are short videos.

Another free-to-use website, SMASHPLEX lets visitors watch a whole lot of Telegu movies as well as stand-up comedies.

13) Voot

Just like SMASHPLEX, Voot is another platform specifically designed for online movie streaming.

Ranging from Tamil to Hindi and Telugu movies, Voot offers a huge collection of movies which can be watched freely.

Courtesy of its sophisticated design, Voot is easy to use plus you can enjoy watching high-quality formats of your best shows.

Are you a fan of Gujarati movies? Would you love to stream Bigg Boss freely and hitch-free? If yes, Voot is the likely the site you should make your top priority for this. What more?

Video streaming on Voot is devoid of lag and the site barely provides dead links.

Likewise, Voot is available in form of a mobile app which can be downloaded on from the App Store.