Facebook Express Wifi Data Plan, Price & Coverage In Nigeria

Express WiFi is an internet service promoted by Facebook for the purpose of making internet connectivity affordable and accessible to local communities globally.

Express Wifi Data Plan

How It Works

Express WiFi delivers internet access using Wi-Fi hotspots that will be preinstalled in various locations around the country.

This will be executed in partnership with internet service providers and local entrepreneurs.

The service is available in already available in over 125 locations in India.

In Nigeria, Facebook is partnering Coollink to deploy the service and some Wi-Fi hotspots have been planted in Lagos.

Below is the current prices of Express WiFi Data plans in Nigeria.

Data Plan Data Limit Duration Price
100MB Daily Plan 100MB 1 Days 40 Naira
300MB Data Plan 300MB 1 Days 110 Naira
750MB Weekly Plan 750MB 7 Days 270 Naira
2GB Weekly Plan 2GB 7 Days 700 NGN
3GB Monthly Data Plan 3GB 30 Day 1,000 Naira
5GB Monthly Data Plan 5GB 30 Days 1,600 NGN

From the table above, you can opt for a one-day plan, a weekly plan, or a monthly plan.

In addition, you have access to a 14-day free trial when you signup to use Express Wifi.

We can conclude that Express Wifi ai about to beat the Internet giants in Nigeria by offering a cheaper internet package.

However, we can’t predict the extent of coverage for now. Hopefully, the service will grow to cover most of Nigeria.

Watch out for more updates on the Express wifi data plan in Nigeria.