Tobi Odanye


I’ve interviewed several social media professionals from advertising agencies, and here is some advice they gave me:

1) All media (not just what you publish on your website) should be considered as your brand content.

2) First, research to find where your potential consumers are most active, then go to that social media platform.

3) As soon as you have a fan page, you also have to have a crisis strategy. Because as you’re opening a page, you’re letting the possibility for everybody and anybody to talk with you, but also to critique or insult you. You need to find a way to be reactive and manage this kind of situations. Opening a facebook page and simply posting things isn’t a safe solution.

4) It’s really difficult to have a consolidated view of your market. If you’re a brand and you have 20 platforms, it’s not impossible, but it’s difficult to have a consumer-centric view.

Hope that helps!