Tobi Odanye

Let me share a post from eBizEric:
“Social media marketing can be very effective, but you have to be extremely creative to make it so. The key to making it work is producing something that people will want to share. Nothing makes people want to share a post more than if it is funny or offensive. If you can make your post both funny and mildly offensive, without it detrimentally harming your business in any way then you will have hit the trifecta jackpot of social media marketing. It’s not easy and, again, requires a high level of creativity to pull it off. So be cautious if you’re trying it.

Here’s an example. We did an ad for a contractor who does finished basements. The image was a group of sad looking, grubby kids. They looked kinda dirty and homeless. The text on the image said, “These darling kids have so much love to give” and the link with the image said, “So we had to help them”. The link went to a page on the contractor site that showed the kids happy and clean in a brand new finished basement with the following statement – “Now they love playing in this great new finished basement and Mom isn’t always tripping over their toys. Show Your Kids You Love Them Too. Contact Us Today To Finish Your Basement.”

The post was liked, shared, and commented on in the thousands. Most people thought it was funny. A few here and there were offended by it. Then there were a bunch of people got riled up at the offended people for not having a sense of humor. It was viral gold.”