Odanye Hezekiah

There’s a number of things you can do:

  • Study a professional course like chemical engineering, medicine, accounting, etc. Then land a job in a multinational company and start making your money. This id hard but not impossible.
  • Start a business. Entrepreneurship is the reigning thing in Nigeria. There are so many business ideas that can bring in money. Read this post for some: 24 Business Ideas That Can Change Your Life Forever
  • Online betting: This is another way to go if you have no issues with luck. This is not a business plan but a lot of people make money from betting in Nigeria.
  • Take part in promos and competitions that offer cash rewards. It doesn’t always work but some people have hit their jackpots.
  • Networking and multi level marketing platforms. This could be tedious but if you dont mind the pain, why not? My advice is to be among the first set of marketers before whatever platform you choose becomes saturated.
  • Inherit your parent’s properties. You might have to wait for them to die, though. Cheap, but still works.