Odanye Hezekiah

Contrary to popular opinion, it is simple.

1) What useful skills such as web designing, graphic designing, tailoring, AutoCAD, 3d modelling, animation etc. do you possess and can teach to someone else. If you don’t have, learn. There are millions of free tutorials about anything which you want to learn on the internet. When you are proficient, setup your online tutorial centre and start making money.

2) Make something good using the skills or knowledge you possess. You can even start your own internet firm.

3) Work as a freelancer. Join any freelance website and showcase your skills. If your English is sound, then write articles or anything you like and make some serious cash from it.

4) Join Fiverr ! Try Graphics, marketing, fun, and more online services for $5.

5) Buy unused or available domain names and resell at higher prices. This is called domain flipping. Domain flipping is simply the process of buying domain names at a low price and selling it later at a higher price after increasing its value.