Odanye Hezekiah

Here is a list of the best 7 African foods to eat:

1) Couscous
A staple of the northern African cuisine and arguably one of the most widely popular foods is the Couscous.

They are small granules of wheat, that are the basis of the Arab-African cuisine just like rice is for eastern Asian cuisine. Traditionally they are served with a stew of vegetables or meat and they are cooked in a special food steamer with two chambers: the lower having the boiling stew while the upper (the couscous) is cooked by absorbing the flavored steam.

2) Acaraje
Acaraje is a popular dish often served as fast food in the western coast of Africa (and also in Brazil as African slaves took the recipe there with them).

They are deep-fried balls of mashed beans, served with bread or cereal puddings in Africa.

Mostly served as a breakfast dish.

3)  Bobotie
A famous South-African dish based on minced meat with spices (chili, ginger, and curry are commonly used) and is topped with beaten eggs that create a rich, creamy and delicious topping.

It is not uncommon to add in the mixture tastes that are sweet, like brown sugar, cinnamon, and orange leaves.

4) Brik
Another Northern African food, and more specifically pastry.

A tasty dish from Tunisia. Once again it is deep fried pastry, but instead of meat filling, its filled with an egg, onion, fish (usually tuna), parsley and harissa (extremely hot local sauce).

5) Cachupa
Cachupa is the national dish of Cape Verde and a must try for any traveler to this beautiful complex of islands off the west coast of Africa.

It’s a stew of sweet potatoes, cassava, beans, and corn, usually including some meat or fish as well. It is cooked very slowly to create a smooth and rich mixture with delicious taste.

6) Cocada Amarela
A dessert which is famous in Angola and is heavily influenced by their history with the Portuguese.

It is a luscious cream made of sugar, egg yolks and coconut usually topped with some orange or lemon (or any other sour fruit to counter the sweetness of the dish.)

7) Thieboudienne
Thieboudienne is another Senegalese traditional dish consisting of mainly of fish, rice, and tomatoes (it is also common to have onions, cabbages, carrots, cassava and other vegetables in it).

It is basically a yummy stew made of fish instead of the usual meat that western cooking prefers!

8) Shakshouka
Shakshouka is another dish that any traveler visiting the Arabian part of Africa should definitely try. It is consisting of poached eggs served with a rich tomato sauce with chili peppers,

It consists of poached eggs served with a rich tomato sauce with chili peppers, cumin, and onion. Once again a spicy dish, but if you are into that kind of food you will be more than happy with it!

Once again a spicy dish, but if you are into that kind of food you will be more than happy with it!

9) Kedjenou
Kedjenou is a traditional African food which originated from the Cote d’Ivoire.

It’s a poultry stew (chicken or guinea hen) with a variety of vegetables which is cooked in a traditional clay pot called canari.

The combination of the slow cooking and the local delicious vegetables created a dish which is delicious without being weird for the traveler in this African country.

10) Ful Medames
The last dish on our list about African food is the Egyptian Ful Medames.

It is simple but tasty to the point of being addictive!

It consists of cooked fava beans that are served with vegetable oil, onions, lemon juice, peppers and a variety of herbs ranging from parsley to cumin.

The delicious fava beans serve as a base for the intensely aromatic flavors that accompany this dish, forming a truly remarkable outcome.