Odanye Hezekiah

CTR is the number of clicks your ads receive vs the number of time the ads are displayed. If your site has 100 pageviews and your ads receive 2 clicks, then your site’s CTR is 2%.
These are few things that you can do to get higher CTR for your sites.

1) Positioning
Positioning your AdSense ads units at the right place will make a world difference of whether your site’s visitors see them, or not. There are certain hot-spots to place your ads, though different site type would require different approach.

2) Color
Using the right color will help make your AdSense ad units more visible to your site’s visitors. Color also plays a significant role in whether making a visitor click, or stay away from the ads.

3) Ad format / size
There are many ad sizes available to choose from for publishers in the Google AdSense program. Some ad unit sizes generally has higher CTR than the other, Google AdWords advertisers even bid more on the popular ad sizes.

4) Image or text ads
Google AdSense provides the publishers the option to display whether text or image (and also multimedia) ads for each ad unit. Publishers can also choose to let Google to display both type of ads. Choosing the right ad type will help increase the CTR for your AdSense ad units.

5) Multiple units
Having more ad units would mean more ad visibility to your site’s visitors. That would translate to increased clicks.

6) Relevant ads
Google AdSense works by displaying ads relevant to a page. Relevant ads normally results in higher CTR, thus giving you higher earning. Google may sometimes has difficulty displaying relevant ads for your sites, and some things when done to your site will help display more relevant ads.

7) Experiment
While all the above tips generally works, you will still need to experiment. This is because there’s no one size fits all solution in implementing Google AdSense strategy and so you’ll need to make one small change at a time and see if it works for you.
Keep experimenting until you’re satisfied with your AdSense income.
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