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    Tobi Odanye

    Video marketing is now a big piece of the puzzle and you cannot afford to ignore it. Video marketing is now being recognized as a sales tool because studies have shown that the presence of a video improves conversion time and time again across various verticals.
    Video can offer a great deal of marketing value. Video presents information the way we are used to receiving it. You can offer training, on-site demonstrations, tours, and a whole host of things that mere text won’t provide. It doesn’t have much search engine optimization value, in and of itself but, combined with social networking, it can be immensely valuable. Youtube is perhaps the largest social media network in existence.

    Take a 2-3 minute video of your neighborhoods with some commentary, discuss the market, the industry, the area (same as you do on your blog), and upload your creation to Youtube with a title, a link, and an invitation to comment. Then you include the Youtube video on your own site. If you can get a discussion going on Youtube about the piece, you’ll usually draw traffic. Make a video a month, and you’ve got a marketing method.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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