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    Odanye Hezekiah

    THE STORY OF THE most unlikely triumph in Euro 2016 tournament begins in Madrid as Ronaldo and Pepe gave their all to win the UEFA champions league for their club.

    Unknown to them, that was the beginning of another long journey to a dashing victory for their country. A victory most experts have labelled has “underserved”.

    But who cares? History will never remember the draws, penalties, and boring play.

    Neither will history remember the hard work of Iceland, the stunner from Shakiri, and the fall of England.

    Only one thing will stand out in this year of stunning individual brilliance, unmatched team spirit and unexpected upsets.

    “Portugal won the EURO’s & Christiano Ronaldo was there.”

    Portugal finished third in their group. They won only one of their seven matches in normal time.

    They barely dominated a single game, and the final was no different. But who cares? History will not remember.

    Cristiano Ronaldo was forced off injured early in the final match. We all watched as the tears fell down his face. He had initially attempted to continue, playing through tears.  But he finally gave up the ghost and was substituted.

    What a genuine passion from that man! That’s something history will never forget.

    And there are two other things that history will never forget:

    1) A great team of 11 players is worth more than a 100,000,000 Pounds player.

    2) Christiano Ronaldo pays his taxes, but Messi does not.

    Hala Portugal………

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