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    Odanye Hezekiah

    It is often said that do not hire who you can not fire. Can I hire my brother-in-law who I think is qualified for the job?



    If you are ready to bear the consequences(good or bad), yes. If your family member ends up being the best person for an available position, yes. If you make a new position to fit the abilities of a family member that needs a job, yes. If you post the job up somewhere, accept resumes, perform interviews, and then choose family over the best candidate, then no.


    Lynda O.

    That depends on a lot of stuff.
    A family business is a good example.
    Something like 60% of small businesses are family owned and operate in this way.



    Two sided.
    Some likely problems include:
    1) Discipline issues: How easy will it be to discipline the family member you are considering hiring? What will you do if he or she doesn’t live up to your expectations? Will you feel comfortable doing employee reviews of the person?

    2) Gossip: Family members who work in the business may gossip about your personal life with nonfamily employees or may tell your family members things about your business that you’d rather keep private

    3) There’s also a chance that the friend or family member you choose to hire might take advantage of you. If they can’t take you seriously as a boss, odds are they’ll talk to other employees about you in a manner that undermines your authority and causes you to lose your image as the person in charge.



    Do not hire family members to do jobs for which they are not qualified and do not retain family members in positions where they are performing poorly.
    To avoid problems, only hire friends or relatives that you are sure are qualified for the position. Then you won’t have to face the challenge of firing an unqualified relative or friend.

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