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    We are a start up just building our website and are considering whether to focus on a niche market or to sell to the broader market.

    Does anybody have any experience of being in a similar dilemma and what was the outcome of your decision?

    Did you decide to target a specific niche?

    And if so, are you happy you did so?

    All advice and suggestions will be well received.



    The thing is simple: a niche approach will bring you more clients immediately while for a broad approach you will need time to study the big market, target the clients, lots of money on advertising, build a complex website.
    Keep it simple. This will translate in a simple website too, that will not eat all your money when you most need them. Have fun.



    I think Tayo and Silvester are spot on. Starting with a single niche market and having a well developed strategy to target that audience is probably the best way to generate immediate traffic and sales.

    Your plans should always be evolving and adapting as your business grows. In time you can always add additional target markets to your strategy when you feel it’s time to expand and tackle more.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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