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    Odanye Hezekiah

    There is no better time to take your business online than right now.

    If you are a small business that wants to rub shoulders with bigger businesses, it’s the best way to create an unfair advantage for yourself.

    But building and maintaining  a robust online presence often requires you to fork over a large amount of money. It’s why we are excited to announce our partnership with Sterling Bank which lets you sign up to our Advanced VConnect Package at 50% off.

    By opening the Sterling Bank SUPA account, you will get one year of all the visibility and online presence benefits of VConnect’s Advanced Package at 50% off.


    What you get from the VConnect Advanced Package:
    1. A customized storefront for your business

    2. Free cataloging of up to 100 products

    3. Search Engine Optimization and Marketing (SEO/SEM)

    4. Participation in flash deals

    5. Pickup and delivery of products

    6. Account manager

    7. Payment support


    What you *get from the Sterling Bank SUPA account:
    1. Access to the MSME Capacity Building Academy

    2. Attendance at Sterling Bank’s Meet the Executive Program to empower aspiring entrepreneurs

    3. Unsecured Overdraft of up to N2.5million with 30 days clean-up cycle

    4. Secured Overdraft of up to N5million with 90 days clean-up cycle

    5. e-Solution for inventory management, daily business operations, and book-keeping

    *Access to these facilities depend on the type of SUPA account you choose to operate.

    To be part of this opportunity, your business must fulfill these requirements:

    1. Be offering a product or service in any of the following categories: Electronics, Home and Living, Kitchen and Dining, Home Consumables or lifestyle services.

    2. Have an office space

    3. Have a physical store with an inventory to be sold online

    4. Have at least five employees.

    5. Have access to the internet

    6. Have an employee with basic internet and spreadsheet skills

    7. Maintain stock position and regularly update inventory and price changes

    8. Dealing in new original products only

    Take it from us, this is an offer of a lifetime, and it is only valid for the FIRST FIFTY stores that qualify.

    To start, open a SUPA account at any Sterling Bank outlet. Your account manager will walk you through how to get your VConnect Advanced Package at 50% off.

    If you already have a SUPA account, contact your Sterling Bank account manager and click on VConnect Business to get started.

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