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    Happy Okoro

    How do you get traffic for a new blog or website in Nigeria?


    Odanye Hezekiah

    (1) For your search traffic(google especially): Write  long content (min 1500 words). And learn SEO.

    (2) For your referral traffic: Be active on social media.  Facebook & Twitter are good in Nigeria and don’t forget Nairaland.

    (3) For your direct traffic: Build your own email list. Then list your site in online directories.

    (4) For your PPC Traffic (Paid): Learn how to operate a Google Adwords PPC campaign Or Facebook Ad campaign.

    (5) For your Q&A Traffic: Learn how to drive Traffic from TrustOrRun or Nairaland by helping and giving the right answers.

    (6) For your Forum Traffic: Engage in the prominent forums relevant to your industry or niche.

    Hope this helps you.



    There are two types of traffic. Free and paid traffic. if you want instant and fast traffic targeting the right keyword, then paid traffic is the way to go.

    If you are going to spend time, effort and hard work so traffic can come slow then free traffic is the way and we all love The word FREE.

    The best traffic source is the traffic that comes from search engine, which is google. People type a keyword targeting a product or an offer so if your websites comes in the first positions then you are lucky.
    Also, a good headline always attracts reader’s interest. So your headline must be catchy and not too long.

    Social channel plays an important role. Social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram are very helpful for traffic.

    Discussion sites like TrustOrRun, Nairaland, Facebook Groups etc. are also great platforms for driving huge traffic.



    In addition to what you have already been told, write genuine and detailed articles.

    The greatness of your Content will decide whether a visitor will return to your site or not.

    Good content is also good for SEO. When search engines discover that people are revisiting your post, they tend to rank your pages higher.

    Another alternative is guest blogging. A lot of bloggers have been using the guest blogging technique for a very long time. Guest blogging increase backlinks and may drive direct traffic to your site.

    Good luck.



    I would recommend you to stick to link building Backlinks. When you do have good backlinks pointing to your site, you get the higher chance of getting unlimited traffic or even sales to whatever product you are promoting. You can start building links without spending any dime by doing it manually.

    Here are some of the ways you can generate backlinks manually.

    1. Forum Signature
    2. Facebook groups
    3. watermarking your images with your website link
    4. Article distribution
    5. Blog Commenting
    6. Social Bookmarking
    7. And many more.



    – Join blogging communities and submit your blog posts

    – Use yahoo answers and link back to your blog as the source

    – Join top relevant forums on your niche and include your URL to the signature box..

    Read more from;topicseen#msg922

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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