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    I want to start a website. What category of blog attracts the most traffic in Nigeria?


    Odanye Hezekiah

    Good question. It is very important for Newbies to know what blogging niche will fetch them online income in Nigeria?

    Here are some:


    1) Jobs & Vacancies

    As soon as we graduate from higher institutions, the first thing on our mind is how and where to get a job. That’s why this niche is so popular and has a lot of traffic  potentials.

    To be known in this blog niche, you should constantly update your site with the latest job offers from the different company or other job listing websites.

    Also post accurate, information and not junk.


    2) Business & Enterprise

    Blogging about business n centres around small businesses, entrepreneurship, marketing, social media and a lot of other business related stuff.

    You need accurate knowledge to survive in this blog. Meaning, you have to study hard and carry out a lot of research.

    You can check out some business blogs in Nigeria to see how they manage their sites.

    3) Make Money Online Niche

    The 21st century has ushered in a new era of people making money without leaving the confines of their rooms.

    People want to find out how others have achieved this fit and that’s why bloggers in this niche get a lot of traffic

    To Succeed in this blog Niche , Observe the following:

    Build Trust – If people trust you, they will do what you say.

    Use Genuine Proofs – Most Nigerians are doubting w only believe will only believe real proof.

    Be Consistent – Write about new ways of making money from time to time.

    4) Scholarships & Education Related Information Sites

    Students and potential students alike need scholarship information, Admission News, Exam News and other related stuff on WAEC, JAMB, NECO and other major exams.


    5) Entertainment & Gossip

    This category is overcrowded which means you have to  invest your time and money to at least develop loyal followers. Nigerians love to gossip and would go to any extent to get one, wether true or false.

    To Make a Mark in Entertainment and Gossip Niche Blog, you have to update your blog on a daily basis.

    This is where modifying contents on other blogs comes in, you  have no option than to modify existing post i.e making some crazy adjustments to the post to make it somehow different from other blogs. Please, don’t copy and paste.

    Other potential high traffic blogs include:

    6) Fashion & Style Blogs

    7) “How To” Information Blogs

    8) Lifestyle Blogs

    9) Travel Blogs

    10) Data plan and browsing cheat Information sites

    Note: Consistency is the key to becoming a successful blogger in Nigeria, you will experience low traffic, frustrations, and many other hindrances but keep going we are all in the blogging arena together. Have fun.



    @ Hezekiah Thanks. Great answer. Especially the 4th option: Scholarships & Education Related Information Sites.

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