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    Hi, I’m looking for some marketing advice for my business. I know launching any new idea takes time and I will need to be patient. However, I would also like to see more businesses patronize my business. Tried a few options, but yet to get the best of results.



    Tapping into social media is pretty much a “must do” these days. But, other marketing tools are also viable options for building awareness, traffic and, ultimately, sales.

    That said, you might consider e-mail marketing. There are several e-mail marketing services such as ConstantContact, MailChimp, AWebber, Vertical Response and iContact to name a few. All these services provide an array of templates which makes creating e-mail marketing campaigns and e-newsletters a snap. Each has its own strength.
    But, e-mail marketing’s biggest claim to fame is that a Direct Marketing Association research study found email-marketing have a high ROI. Their finding actually found it to be the highest of any marketing channel.
    Another tool you might find useful is speaking. Yeah … I know. Public speaking is higher than death on the stressful things to do list. But, it can be an extremely powerful marketing tool. As a speaker, you’re the ipso facto expert because you’re the one holding the microphone. Speaking could bring loads of clients.
    Print marketing is also effective aside from other ways of digital mediums for advertising.
    Hope these helps.


    jarred newton

    It is best that you also consider business branding that will you more on your business profiling and marketing. This site is a complete source of naming suggestions.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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