Here Is How To Download High Quality Movies Without Paying a Dime

In need of Free Movie Downloads Sites? We present you with some of the best movie download sites for getting new movies.

This compilation has been put together following intense research and interviews from real users who visit this free movie downloads sites from time to time.

One of the most searched keywords on the web is Free Movie Download Sites.

So I decided to come up with an article solely dedicated to movie downloading sites.

There are so many streaming websites available on the internet that allow you to watch movies online.

However, the best option to view your favorite Movies online is to download and see whenever you want to.

There are so many torrent sites but many of them are spam and will only pop out ads.

This post will help you find sites that allow direct download of full-length HD movies.

You will be able to download popular movies including the best Chinese movies, Korean Drama movies, English Hollywood movies, Bengali movies, Marathi movies and more for free.

The sites have been ranked based on their Alexa rank, quality of movie files (print, visibility, sound), similar web rank, web page design and layout, how many ads units display on webpage, how often is updated, quantity of movies in website database, how many users like it on Google, Twitter and Facebook, popularity in the world.

Using these sites, you can find top Hollywood movies for the year; download Japanese movies in high quality; browse different genres of movies and also use rating and reviews to choose the best quality movie files.

Top Sites To Download Movies Online

1. MYDOWNLOADTUBE.COM is one of the most popular free movie download sites around.

You have the possibility of downloading full HD movies easily through torrents or direct download links.

Before you download a movie, you can find the one you’re looking for by genre or by using their search function and check the trailer, IMDB rating, and a small description so you can understand what the movie is actually about.


MKVCinemas is a blog with a large variety of movies, including the newest ones.

You can already find free movies from 2018 you can watch in just a few minutes because the speed of their direct download links is pretty high.

If this wasn’t enough, when you get to the download page you can actually select the quality of the movie, most of them being available in 480p, 720p or even 1080p versions.


Fmovies has a great collection of various movies from all around the World.

Here you can find Hollywood, Chinese, Korean, Japanese movies and even more.

If you don’t find a specific movie, there is a request button where you can ask the website staff to find it for you.

You can download Asian movies on this website or use their direct download links with a great download speed.


Xmovies8 is a website with both popular movies and TV series available to download for free.

The best feature of the website is the sorting option when you search for a movie you can sort by genre, film director, screenwriter, actors, language or the country where the movie was made.

You can find the download options after you play the movie in one of the 4 or 5 players available.


300MBMovies4U is an interesting website on this free movie download sites list.

Besides offering well-known Hollywood to download for free, you can download the films at a decent quality with very low size, usually around 300 MB, hence the name of the website.

This is a great option if you need to download a few movies on your laptop, tablet or phone if you’re going on a long road and you’re leaving in 10 minutes.

6. GINGLE.IN is very similar to 300MBMovies4U because the main focus is low size movies that are perfect for mobile devices.

The main difference is that Gingle is a search engine for this type of movies, where you basically just search for the name of the movie, click on it, and download it in no time.

While you wait for your download to finish you might also be interested in searching for music, games or wallpapers on the same website.


Cyro is a straightforward listing website where you can just scroll, click on the name of a movie and simply download it or search for it first.

The main advantage of Cyro is the numerous downloading links mirrors that offer you the possibility to use direct links, torrent file links or even torrent magnet links.


Like the name suggests HDPopCorns is focused on High Definition movies.

If you’re looking for a specific kind of film you can sort by categories, ratings, the 720p or 1080p video quality.

This website is also perfect for you if you are looking for something vintage or classic since you can find a decent collection of the 80s or 90s movies.

Downloading the files is easy since they are hosted on the website itself.


FullyWatchOnline is one of the best download sites, even though the name doesn’t suggest that.

Make sure to check this website daily as there are always updates of popular movies, including ones that you can download using one of the multiple mirror links available.

The website also has a DMCA page, which means the actual content isn’t hosted on the website so the chances of FullyWatchOnline going down are pretty low.


In spite of the name, CartoonHD is a great website where you can find movies, tv series and obviously cartoons, including the latest Disney 3D animated films.

How a website with so many categories got its name is a mystery because if that wasn’t enough you can also watch live sports if you have the latest Adobe Flash Players installed on your computer.


You can SEE from the name what this website is about.

Another great collection of regularly updated HD movies and TV series can be found here and downloaded through multiple links from third party websites.

If you are afraid that this is one of those websites that will disappear overnight, you shouldn’t be because their DMCA page is a very solid one.


Did you ever wonder how would it be if you could use any popular search engine to find movies you can download for free?

That is exactly what Alluc is, Google for free movies!

On this search engine, you can find almost any movie that exists on the Internet since it indexes the most popular websites where the videos are uploaded. After finding what you are looking for, you can download the movies through the players.


At the first look of the website you might think its name is a joke, there’s no way there’s a place where you can find literally any movie right?

Maybe not, but Download-AnyMovie is very close to that.

You can find probably the biggest movie collection here with subcategories for Chinese movies and a lot of Arabic movies too.


MovieScrib is a simple blog with very popular movies listed.

If you want to download a good movie you heard a lot about, but you never had the time to see it, you will most likely find it here.

This blog also a lot of download links for each movie so chances are pretty high at least one of those links work even if the files were uploaded a couple of years ago.


If you aren’t really interested in older movies, but you always want to download the newest ones on your mobile devices MyCoolMoviez is the place to be.

You can already find a few movies from 2017 on the website and you can download the ones you prefer on your phone, tablet or laptop in the 3GP, MP4 or MP4 HQ formats.


Movie4Star is a website where you can download the highest quality Hollywood movies, including Blu-ray ones.

You can download the trailers of the movies before you proceed to download the film and you should check this blog often because the DMCA page added to the quality of the files make Movie4Star one of the best free movie download sites on the Internet.


DownloadOverload is another website with the main focus on Blu-Ray quality movies.

If you want to download anything from the last 5 years, chances are you can find it here.

The only downside of the website is they only have one link for each movie.


Ganool is a french website with various well-known movies you can download at HD quality.

What makes Ganool special is the various anime series you can also download if you are a fan of the genre.


MediaSack is mainly a paid website so you might ask why is it on the list?

Even though you need to pay for downloading HD or iPhone movies, just by signing up you can download a lot of lower quality movies for free and the best part: it’s all legal!


The most popular torrent website can’t miss from this list.

From planning to have servers in space to changing their address constantly, ThePirateBay is still the king of the torrent listing websites and if you don’t mind using a client like uTorrent or Bittorrent to download your movies, there’s a high chance you can find anything that on the Internet.

21. Kissasian

All does is link or embed content that was uploaded to popular Online Video hosting sites like / / / Google Video.

They have a huge collection of Asian movies and anime movies arranged in different categories and genres.

You can also request for new movies that haven’t made it to the site as at the time of your search.


The user interface that comes with this site makes it one of the topnotch movie download sites, it also give you practical access to different genres of movies.

That is, you can input the specific movie you wish to see or download and results pops up almost instantly.

You can tentatively download film of any type, ranging from latest English movies to on-demand movies.

That is perhaps one of the reasons why people tend to register the name of this site in mind whenever full movie download or free movie download is needed.

Aside from trending and latest movies, this site also has lots of TV series available for you. You can either stream or download the movies and TV series depending on your preference.

23. Snag

If you are looking for a site that is vast in HD movies free download or you are particular about a site that offers you quality full movies download and perhaps, free Hollywood movies download, then Snag films is just the right site to visit.

The interface is simply organized and interactive, making it very easy for you to navigate through what you need from their tons of movies genre that are always available for you.

Hence, your new movie download experience on this site promises to be fascinating.

The categories available on this Hollywood movie download site is exhausting if you are not specific about what you want. That is, there is so much quality movie content on this site for everyone.

It is also a great site for HD movies download for all categories.

24. Gomovies

This site was developed in line with your need as a user, making it one of the highly rated free movie download sites.

There are so many categories available for search in the site and you can also customize your search by combining two or more categories that are in line with what you really want to download.

Gomovies is the right platform to go to when you are interested in new movie download, free Hollywood movies download, latest movies download, or you are specifically interested in mp4 movies download.

This is so because there is so much qualitative quantity on this site.

Don’t forget that you can also access TV shows and series on one of the very best Hollywood movie download site available.

25. Popcorn Flix

Wouldn’t you love to have a free access to movies that are termed premium on most movie download sites? If your answer is in the affirmative, then you need to start thinking of visiting Popcorn Flix regularly.

Nothing is more important than the quality of movies while streaming or downloading, hence you need to be intentional about the sort of Hollywood movie download site you visit for your movies.

This is one of the positives you get when you decide to get your movies from this great site.

Different genres and categories are available for you when you are looking for free full movie download or you are more particular about the latest episodes of your favorite TV shows.

You can’t get it wrong when you visit this site. English movies free download is what you get.

26. Yesmovies

From latest movies to trending movies, you have full access to streaming on this platform.

This site is featured on this list of sites to download movies online because you get to view the sort of movies that appeal to you and the user interface of the site is very appealing and compelling.

You don’t have to nurse the fear of premium subscription before you get to see all the categories and genres available on Yesmovies for free, which is one of the reasons why is one of the top Hollywood movie download sites.

The quality of the contents you will find here is nothing than a top drawer.

27. 123movies

Having diverse section at your perusal is just one of the vital features of this free movies download site.

Ranging from latest movies and new movies to top rated movies and most popular movies, there is so much to go round for every one of their users without compromising on the quality of the content.

TV shows are not exempted from this site. Giving you full access to some of your favorite TV shows and series.

If you are inclined with both full movie download and TV shows streaming or download, then, this site was specifically developed for you. Try to check it out yourself?


If you believe in enjoying the quality that comes with premium movies that are not available on other free movie download sites, then this is one of the most reliable sites to get premium movies.

That feeling that comes with seeing something quite different from the norms is awe for most users, this is why Viewster intentionally included classical movies and anime for you.

Get in there and search their tons of content, and you will be surprised with the quality of both latest and classical movies available on the site.

Watching premium content for free in a legal way is always a great thing and this is always available for you on the site.

29. The Internet Archive

If you have been in a situation where a movie was hyped so much that you felt so disappointed after seeing the movie, you wish someone somewhere was there to tell you the pros and cons of the movie before you decide to see it.

This free full movie download site has a forum for this purpose.

This site is a public domain server which makes it relatively possible for anyone to download.

That is, you have access to free Hollywood movies download, HD movies download, latest movies download, and full movie download.

There is so much content for you to download for free which includes TV shows.

30. YouTube

It is only rational to include this site on the list of movie download sites owing to the fact that there are so much quality contents available for you to stream and download.

YouTube has been dominating the movie and videos contents space for quite a while now and there are no visible signs of stopping anytime soon.

You will agree with me that there are just too much video contents to satisfy everyone. Just name the category you want and you get it in the twinkle of an eye. The user interface is fascinating.

Free and paid videos are always available to users.

31. Classic Cinema Online

From the name of this movie download site, you can deduce that it is a site that pays more attention to the classic movies. Hence, you can stream and download tons of classical movies contents from this site without any hassle.

With the quantity and quality of the classical movies available on this site, you can save yourself the stress of getting CDs or DVDs of your favorite classical movies if you are inclined to watching them.

This is a very great site to download movies for free and also have access to full movie download, provided that such movies are categorized as classical.

32. Vimeo

Quality and simplicity of accessing it are two of the most dominant features that were put in mind while developing one of the best documentary movie download sites.

Hence, there is a great user interface and a wide range of high-quality movies for their users.

Ranging from award-winning movies collection to great documentaries of any genre (nature, people, Art, etc.), there is always something for everyone.

Full movie download, mp4 movies download, HD movies free download, and host of others are what you will get from this great movie download site.


The ease of access to their tons of quality contents is one of the fascinating features of this site.

Which means you can access their wealth of high-quality movies easily using either the web or the App built for it.

Nothing beats quality contents when you are thinking of movie download sites, there are few that offer that like Hotstar.

There are tons of movies from diverse genres and languages for you on this site, making it a topnotch when you want to stream quality movies from different languages for free.

This is where to download new Bengali movies, new Marathi movies online, and new Kannada movies.

34. YIFY

Very few of the movie download sites give you access to download movies for free without paying attention to the quality of the large movie archive.

YIFY is one of the sites that pay maximum and undivided attention to the quality of their contents and the simplicity that comes with its user interface.

This is why it is renowned as a top class streaming site for most of your movie needs. You can get all the categories you wish for on this platform.

This is one of the numerous factors that makes it very good free movies download and full movies download sites you can think of.

35. Cosmo Tube

Just like YIFY, this is one of the very best latest movies download sites around.

In this site, you get a lot of movies, TV shows, and any other entertainment videos you can think of, making it vast in quality and quantity across all categories.

You have the option of downloading and streaming with ease at any point in time, making it a great site to visit when you need to download movies for free online.

Another important feature of this site that is worth noting is the ultra-high resolution image download suitable for your computer.

There is so much more to talk about this free movie download site than we can divulge on this list, you can check the site out.

36. Crackle

Who doesn’t love to see HD premium movies for free? I love it and I know you are no exception to this. This is why inputting this site into the movie download sites’ list is definitely a must.

There are so many categories and features that make this site an awesome experience for you as a user.

Latest and new movies download and streaming coupled with the quality that comes with the content without compromising on the simplicity and ease that comes with the site itself is a phenomenal feeling.

There is an option for registering on the site, this will give you detailed updates on latest and new movies availability.

37. Vidics

This is also one of the few mp4 movies download sites that offers you quality premium movies for free. That is, you can decide to stream these contents as well as download them legitimately. You can bank on the quality of their video contents.

The search button makes it easier for you to access the categories of their videos. This will make it possible for you to get all sort of movies provided it is available on the site.

Though the site design is not too encouraging, that doesn’t take away the fact that there are so much quality contents on the site.


There is always a very specific feature that makes each and every one of the sites on this movie download sites unique in their own way.

Too much attention wasn’t paid to the user interface of this site, which means it might not look so pleasing at first sight.

You should try digging deep so that you would unveil all the so many categories of quality movies on this site.

You will be thrilled with the abundance of contents available here and the quality of it, you should also know that you can access music on the site as well.


Latest movie download and HD movies downloads are some of the downloads you can easily make on this site.

This is perhaps the reason why it ranks among the top among India movie lovers. That is, there are so many Asian movies that can be downloaded for free.

This is one of the very awesome and really simplified movie download sites that give you room to simply stream and have full movie download without paying a penny for it.

You can access all categories of movies available without going through any sort of difficulty.

They also offer live tv streaming options at a premium rate.

40. .com

Getting your free Hollywood movies to download in high definition is really an awesome and very important feature that makes this Hollywood movie download site a top choice amidst the movie download sites available online.

So many quality contents are uniquely arranged on this site. You will find it relatively easy to access all the categories available on the site.

That’s a really great addition to the free full movie download feature on the site. Check it out and kindly let us know your take on it.