Jumia Black Friday 2019 Date, Sales, Offers & Deals In Nigeria

Are you ready for the Jumia Black Friday 2019 sales event in Nigeria? It is going to be awesome.

To fully enjoy this event, the Jumia Black Friday 2019 Date in Nigeria has been set to run from 2nd of November 2019 until 30th of November 2019.

A month of mindblowing deals!


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While we can’t list all of the available Black Friday deals on Jumia, this section will contain the absolute best deals we’ve found for you.

Now is the right time to buy that item you have been craving for:

We’ll be updating this page with all the latest deals over the weekend and there will be even more as we move towards Jumia Black Friday 2018.


It is normal for an item on flash sale to go out of stock in less than a minutes. This is why it is called flash sale, it goes in a flash. There will be flash sales during the event.

Jumia is promising up to 30% discount on TVs, Tablets, and Phones, up to 20% discount on Laptops, up to 40% discount on appliances, and the big one, up to 80% discount on fashion.


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These deals cover all categories including men and men’ fashion items, women’s fashion items, electronics, Phones and mobile gadgets; it seems Jumia is set to relive this experience.

As always, Jumia has promised to seize every opportunity to offer the best quality products and brands at the best prices in Nigeria.

Get a host of Jumia Black Friday Deals on supplies from top brands that include Tecno, Innjoo, Binatone, Bata, HP, Dettol, Samsung, Apple, Infinix, Thermocool and more.

Unlock one day at a time and encounter a budget-friendly shopping goodness which allows you to fill your cart to the brim.

When is Jumia Black Friday 2019?

To fully enjoy this event, the Jumia Black Friday 2019 Date in Nigeria has been set to run from 2nd of November 2019 until 30th of December 2019.

Here is what to expect starting from 13th:

  • Up to 80% discount on all product categories.
  • New deals every day on Jumia daily deals.
  • Flash sales where you can get huge discounts that will be available only for a short period of time.
  • Everyday giveaway for a period of 31 days.
  • Treasure hunt.
  • Huge discounts on products of participating brands.
  • And app special deals.

Top brands participating in this year’s Jumia Black Friday include Intel, Pampers, Infinix, Philps, Fero, HP, Airfrance, and KLM.

What to expect From Jumia Black Friday 2019

Jumia Black Friday will produce the most amazing deals ever seen anywhere in Nigeria.

All I can say is get your laptops, PC’s, tablets and mobile all data ready in a sale that will have you talking for a while; Christmas couldn’t have had such a perfect start.

Buy fashion clothing, mobile phones & Tablets, electronics, home appliances and more at lowest prices ever seen in Nigeria.

Black Friday sales will give you the opportunity to buy iPhone XS Max for as low as N5,000; iPad Mini at ₦59,999, Samsung S8 at ₦95,500, PS4 + Fifa 16 CD at N60,000, and so on.  Amazing right?

You can pay for these items using your Credit cards( Mastercard/Visa cards) or pay on delivery.

How to Make Money From Jumia Black Friday 2019

Do you know that some goods that you purchase mid-year were gotten at cheaper prices some months ago.

A lot of business minded people take the chance to make a gain on black Friday.

It’s common knowledge that most products are sold at more than half the normal price during this period.

What these ones do is that they buy products in bulk and then resell at the normal prices, when the event is over.

For instance, let’s assume that the current price of iPhone X is #120,000, but you get a deal of #60,000 on black Friday. That’s a massive 50% (#60,000) discount.

Now let’s go on to assume that you were able to secure 5 units of the gadget at a total cost of #300,000.

Total Cost Of Purchase On Black Friday: 5 x #60,000 = #300,000

You then resell them at the normal price of #120,000 after the event:

After Black Friday: 5 x #120,000 = #600,000

Now Let’s Calculate your profit:

#600,000 – #300,000 = #300,000

That’s cool! Right?