10 Important Marketing Apps For Small Business Owners


As the name implies, this marketing application raises the social standards of your business staff, and also strengthens your business through vibrant presence on social media.

With the use of Everyonesocial, your employees can easily create awareness for your small business by making its content available on popular social networks in no time.


Precisely one of the most important marketing apps for your small business, SurveyMonkey is a great way to reach out to customers.

In reality, it establishes a strong bond between a business and its customers. More to that, it allows for a joint review through which your business finds out the services, products, offers and other relevant things its audience requires of it.

Not only does this foster the relationship between a business and its customers, it also guides the business on what aspect to focus on.


If your small business hasn’t proven effective in the aspect of project management, then you’ve got a million reasons to give Trello a try.

Surely a marketing app you would love to use, Trello gives you a clear edge over other businesses and the app does this precisely through veritable project management.

Besides time-saving through the creation of checklists, accuracy is one of the interesting things Trello guarantees you in the event of business marketing.

Popular Social Networks

For any serious business (be it small or big) to continue thriving with constant patronage from online customers, there is the need to establish a vibrant presence on popular social networks like Google Plus, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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On any grounds, the social networks listed herein have got the capability to capture people’s fancies.

By making your business info available on any of these trendy social platforms, prospective customers easily locate your business in the long run.


Just with a few clicks, Pixxfly is ready to help you in achieving a number of objectives including viral content distribution across online platforms.

More interestingly, the marketing app creates analytics for the business contents –such as posts –you distribute to websites and other online channels.

The GetResponse App

GetResponse App is an effective marketing tool that saves you the whole lot of stress you could encounter in email marketing.

Through a number of clicks, you get to access the control panel and verify whether your email promotion is in fine form by checking the available stats.

Candidly, the app serves the purpose of managing email marketing and ensuring that you’re outrightly notified about your email promotion.


If you find it strenuous to use your computers every now and then especially while handling tasks pertaining to email marketing, MailChimp is, of course, the prettiest marketing app for you.

Using your handy devices (such as phones) as an avenue, MailChimp helps your business run miscellaneous reports, modify the profiles of subscribers and track business campaigns.


As a uniquely designed app, Buffer is best suited for small business owners who prefer scheduling the time their business contents will be available on social media to meet marketing objectives.

If you’ve always longed for an operative app that would post your business contents (such as articles) to social networks at the actual time specified by you, then Buffer is the most suitable option at all times.

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Hootesuite is perfectly designed to manage analytic tools as well as a whole lot of marketing tasks. With HootSuite, management of social media accounts, as well as drawing an analysis of tweets, scheduled posts, and business traffic becomes extremely easy.

Besides the added advantage of monitoring brand mentions, Hootesuite offers small business owners the chance to develop and track useful tools.


LinkedIn is a reliable marketing app and it is best enjoyed when there’s a connection between one business and the other.

Interestingly, LinkedIn helps you reach out to beneficial clients who would enhance your business by providing you a reasonable workload.

Depending on how constantly you appear on LinkedIn, you’re likely to finish a considerable pile of work and this would eventually amplify your business.