Success In Life Starts With These 7 Discoveries

Your Escape From The Chains Of Mediocrity.

Success in life is what we all desire. Unfortunately, our society is fashioned in an order that conforms to antiquated principles and rules that make success difficult to achieve.

The average person really never thinks nor wants to grasp out above the sea of ordinariness. It seems obviously easier to play it safe.

This is undeniably consequent of the fact that the world we have built for ourselves lacks loud and radical people who are defiant enough to fight life through until they get a hold of the future they envision in the closet.

It is in the scarcity of these daring people that most have by nature pitched their tents around the abyss of mediocrity. “At least, no one is doing it. Why should I?”


  1. A lot of people are at the bottom of a system that is already choked up while the top is virtually empty.
  2. More people keep expecting sudden jackpots or a divine intervention before they can make something good out of life.
  3. There is an increasing number of chronically depressed and angry people.
  4. We suffer from a famine of trailblazers and pathfinders, who should have been mentors for the younger generation.
  5. We create a harsh and unfriendly environment for the few who think out of the box.

Sometime last year, I read a book about an elephant that was chained to a stake for a long time. It was never at any point set free from its chains to stroll around or get familiar with its environs.success in life

Severally, this elephant made efforts move out of the circumference of its “normalcy” but all efforts proved abortive.

Subsequently, the elephant concluded that the bondage had come to stay and it gradually accepted the situation.

It gave up on trying all at once and stayed still to fit into the confinement it had been placed in over time.

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Against all odds, the elephant was one day finally released from its rope. What a dream come true! Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!

There was just one problem. Mr. Elephant refused to move. It had developed a mental limitation that was more powerful than any physical bondage.

When the elephant was set free, it was no longer incapacitated by the chains that used to hold it, but by a new mindset that was born from its previous experience.

This verse was an eye opener that helped me understand that the genuineness of freedom isn’t earned by the multiplicity of our affluence. It’s rather attained by the truth we know and have come to accept.

I choose to identify with the fact that the greatest damage we suffer is the cold indifference and lack of drive that nurses us to stay in the convenience of our comfort zones.

The mentality behind most of oursuccess in life decisions points to a desire to want to quit.

It’s amusing how we instinctively have adopted an “it’s not my fault” mentality and simply give up when things are not working as planned in the initial stages.

Even so, failure in the past is not an excuse to settle for less or to stop trying in the face of daunting challenges.

Truly, there is a time to quit but that time is definitely not now.

This is the time to move forward. This is the time to break out of every mindset of mediocrity.

 So how do you go about this?

  1. Know yourself & what you want: Don’t let your dreams and aspirations get dictated by what the group wants or by other people’s expectation of you. Stay away from that loud music emanating from your headset and spend some time alone to discover yourself. It is in these moments of truth that you realize the depth of untapped resources in you and how you have been missing out on yourself.
  2. Take risks: Don’t jump off a moving plane without parachutes. That’s definitely unwise. But there comes a time in everyone’s life when you’re faced with a choice that involves risk. Perhaps you want to change careers, move to a different place, quit your job and start a business, or giving up a steady job to follow your creative pursuits full-time. The rewards can be great, but so can the cost. Nonetheless, What is the worst thing that could happen if you take this risk? Is it likely to happen? If so, is there a way to modify your plan or acquire additional knowledge or resources to minimize the risk? If not, are you willing (and does it make sense) to go for it knowing the worst?
  3. Gain knowledge: Never set out blind. The lack of knowledge leads to uncertainty. Make adequate research. Discover why some have succeeded where others have failed. Learn the Knitty gritty of the trade you want to venture into. Build your confidence by the knowledge you have acquired. Knowledge will set you free.
  4. Ignore the crowd: Run away from naysayers. Forgive their ignorance but stay as far away as possible. They will constantly remind you of how Thomas Edison failed at making the light bulb. They never get to the part of the story where he finally succeeded. “In fact, Thomas Edison was just lucky and no one can find that kind of luck again.”- That’s the voice of the crowd. Stay away.
  5. Welcome failures and problems & use them as stepping-stones. Let them be the experiences that guide you in your journey. Remember, sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.
  6. Think “what if I succeed”: Why allow the thought of failure prevent you from executing your beautiful idea or business plan. You did not write it in your business plan so why spend time thinking about it. Get busy with dreams, goals and a positive use of your time. Failure is only a destination if you included it in your business or life plan. Instead of “what if I fail” think “what if I succeed”.
  7. Know when to be afraid: This is very important. Don’t eliminate fear. Only keep it at bay. It might come handy. Like when you are been pursued by a Lion like crazy dog, let fear be your guide to run in the opposite direction.
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Finally, we must realize that total change is a product of a redirected perspective of seeing things.

Nothing ever changes significantly without the refreshing input of a renewed mindset.

It is time to kill the mundane and stereotypical ways we have inherited. It’s time for a change. Over to you in the comment section.


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