Top 15 Sites For Kids To Watch Cartoons Online

Cartoons are a great source of entertainment for kids and adults alike.

We all watched cartoons like Pokemon, Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and many others when we were still kids.

These characters were our best companions and we loved them so much. We could wait for hours to watch our favorite cartoon shows and the joy of watching them was just amazing.

And at some other times during our adulthood, a few like myself still lavish in this childhood pleasure.

This implies that no matter what the age group, cartoon shows are not only visually stunning but also have amazing storylines that captivate every age bracket.

educational cartoons for kids

Fortunately, unlike the conventional method of watching these cartoons on cable televisions obtainable during our formative years, the advancement of technology has made it greatly possible to watch cartoons online at no cost.

In this article, you will discover our compiled list of Sites for Kids to watch Cartoons Online and we hope you find them helpful.

15 Sites For Kids To Watch Cartoons Online


YouTube is one site that is undoubtedly the top of the list of the most frequented websites.

YouTube offers kids the leverage to stream videos online free of charge and now, your kids can watch cartoons online at this amazing site.

Yor kids might have missed some episodes of their favorite cartoons but not to worry, on YouTube, they can watch the cartoons they missed at no extra cost.

Adults who love sports can also watch some live sports if they subscribe to some premium channels.

All they need to do is to type the name of the cartoons they wish to watch and a list of collections of their preferred cartoons will be displayed.

Do you deem YouTube helpful for your kids to watch cartoons online?

You can check out the site at


CartoonsOn is another amazing site to watch cartoons online. The better part of using CartoonOn is that you are not required to sign up on the site or to fill any form at all.

CartoonsOn has a wide range of cartoon collections and these they grouped into “Shows”, “Characters” and “Studios”.

With these groupings, kids can be sure to find their favorite cartoon within the shortest time or they can alternatively make use of the “Search bar” to sort for their desired cartoons.

CartoonsOn has regular updates of their collections so kids can be sure not to miss their favorite cartoons.

Visit the site at


Disney Junior is another site for kids to watch cartoons online. It was designed in a simple and easy-to-use format which allows kids watch cartoons easily.

Disney Junior majorly hosts cartoons from the stable of Walt Disney so kids can only access cartoons from Disney on this site.

To watch cartoons on Disney Junior, simply tap on the picture of the preferred cartoon character(Mickey Mouse, Donald and the rest) and the series which the characters featured will appear for the kids to make a selection of the one they wish to watch.

4) NICK is a site that allows the streaming of all Nickelodeon cartoons. Designed with a simplified interface, the site is suitable for kids to watch cartoons online.

Nick also has extra features on the site like games and radio which kids can access for more fun.


If you’re seeking for the site that has a large collection of cartoons, Watch Online Cartoons is the sure bet.

The site is easy to navigate and the most recent cartoons are always on top of the site for them to be clearly located.

Kids can start watching their favorite cartoons by typing the name in the Search box. It’s more interesting to watch cartoons on Watch Online Cartoons as they are free of any charge!

Might kids want to access the site? They will surely find it interesting!


Supercartoons allows kids watch cartoons online free and with the simplicity of the site, kids can watch numerous cartoons on
the site at no cost.

Kids can watch cartoons without registering on the site! To watch cartoons, kids can make their selection from the cartoon classifications on the site: “Studios”-Walt Disney, Universal Studios, Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox or by “Characters” of the cartoon-Daffy Duck, Tom and Jerry, Porky Pig, Mickey Mouse.


Side Reel is yet another site for kids to watch cartoons online. At Side Reel, kids can watch popular cartoons and enjoy additional
features like release dates of the cartoon series only if they register on the site.


Kids who fancy the “South Park Show” now have the opportunity to watch the full episodes of their favorite South
Park cartoons.

The site allows kids to read information about their favorite cartoon characters before watching the cartoons they featured

To watch cartoons on the site is easy; just click on “WIKI”, click on “Characters” and the South Park characters list will be displayed for the kids to make their selection.


Vimeo allows kids watch cartoons online free. Kids can either watch the cartoons without registering on the site but on
registering, kids can then share and download their favorite cartoons.

The Premium account gotten on registration on Vimeo also permits kids to create cartoons of their own.

Vimeo is awesome for every kid who wishes to watch cartoons online. Visit Vimeo at


At NewGrounds, kids not only watch cartoons online but are also allowed to create theirs.

What’s more? NewGrounds has collections of games and music and kids can have amazing fun creating, uploading and sharing their favorite cartoons with their friends.


Toonjet gives kids the chance to watch cartoons online without signing up at their website.

The amazing feature of Toonjet is that it has the best of classic cartoons ranging from the popular Tom and Jerry cartoons to Samurai Jack.

Kids have the option of watching the cartoons on the website at or on the Toonjet mobile application.


This is another great site to watch cartoons online. The images and interface of its website are very clear and more interesting is the multiple links for each cartoon.

So if a cartoon does not open on a particular link, it can be viewed from another.

For better results of the desired cartoon, the “Search box” on the website allows kids to view the most watched and sought cartoons.


Kids can now watch cartoons online without worry; thanks to the simplicity provided at Anime Flavor.

At Anime Flavor, kids can watch their favorite cartoons by selecting from the alphabetically-listed cartoons on the main page of the site or by selecting their choice of cartoons by using the “Popular Episodes”.

Anime Flavor provides additional information on each cartoon on their site for the kids to have some basic information of the cartoons they intend to watch.


Kids are mostly amateurs when it comes to surfing the net. Hence, Anime Toon categorizes their cartoons into different
genres for easy identification.

Different English dubbed Anime are present on this site and it won’t be difficult for the kids to ride along.

Kids can watch cartoons at Anime Toon by selecting their desired genre of cartoons. Whether Adventures, Fantasy, Family, Comedy or Action, Anime Toon has it all!

The site is very amazing and no fee is required to watch their listed cartoons.


Cartoon Network has always been there to provide wonderful cartoons for kids. It’s a top TV streaming service with a focus on kids.

Cartoon Network allows kids to watch their preferred cartoons online with ease and their user-friendly website allows such cartoons to be watched on mobile phones.