19 Best Sites to Watch Telugu Movies Online

Do you wish to know the websites where you can freely watch Telugu movies online? We have compiled a list for you.

Telugu movies Cinema (Tollywood) has been ruling the Indian cinema for quite some time and had made great advancements in foreign markets.

You can actually watch latest Telugu movies online and even download some without any form of payment. This post will reveal where to stream the latest Telegu films of 2018, 2017, 2016 and 2015.

These movies are produced almost on daily basis and so far, it has garnered a wide-spread popularity among its teeming audience.

You can also stream in high quality without necessarily downloading them or waiting for them to hit the screens.

There are also a host of other sites where you can view your favorite movies without leaving the comfort of your home.

So are you in search of where to watch Telugu movies online?

Do you want to stream this genre of movies on your mobile device and PC?

We have compiled the list of the top sites to Watch Telugu Movies Online in high quality and we hope you find our guide useful.

sites to watch Telugu movie online

1) ErosNow

watch telugu movies online

ErosNow was reputed to be a movie broadcaster of international repute. It recently commenced operation in India by launching its portal www.erosnow.com.

ErosNow allows you to stream and download your favorite Telugu movie.

Using the ErosNow website for streaming and downloading movies can only be possible after you must have signed up for a free account on the site.

2) Cine Bay

There are websites that play host to different movies and these cause problems most times because you will find it hard locating your desired movie. Cine Bay identified this early enough and decided to do something different.

Cine Bay is one of the few websites that host Telugu movies alone. The only trouble I think you will have is to merely search for your favorite ones and then you’re a click away from viewing free.

Cine Bay does not limit users to watch Telugu movies online only; it also allows them to keep the clips for free.

You also have additional features such as basic information about the clips you wish to watch.

You’ll really like spending your time watching movies on Cine Bay. Cine Bay has a lot of amazing features to offer its users and you’ll really like them.

Do you know that you can actually request a particular film for upload on Cine Bay? Cine Bay permits you to request for an upload if you didn’t find it on their site.

The search for a what to watch is also simplified by Cine Bay. Now, you can simply click the movie section and a list of available movies will appear or you use sub-categories like Featured and Most Watched.

This not only lets you watch Tollywood movies online but also gives you an idea of what other users are going through on the Cine Bay website.

3) YouTube

When we are making picks for the best site to watch Telugu movies online, we’ll surely not miss out the world’s most popular video site – YouTube.

YouTube is the best stop for all you might want in foreign movies. YouTube contains hundreds of movies and you don’t need to worry much about how to stream them in high quality.

If you don’t have a PC, YouTube allows you to use your phone to watch. It obviously has a larger collection of these movies so you should check it out.

Even more, this is where you come when you want to watch sports online for free. You can also watch anime online and discover the best of movies trailers globally.

4) WorldFree4u.lol

The site not only allows you to watch Telugu movies online but also allows you to get it to your phone in 3gp or mp4.

You can equally download new Tollywood movies instead of streaming them or waiting for them to hit the cinemas.

You should check out this website because it offers other amazing features such as HD games and audio.

5) DailyTube

DailyTube has assorted films that you’ll definitely like and not only that; you can actually share these movies with your friends on the DailyTube website.

DailyTube is basically a video sharing site which allows you to share, watch and video clips. Apart from these, you can watch trailers of upcoming Telugu movies to grasp what they might have to offer.

On the DailyTube website, you can key in the keyword of your favorite clip and make a selection from the search result.

You might think that watching films online is all you can do on DailyTube. That thought is not entirely true because you can also form a video community.

Because of the support DailyTube got from Snaptube for Android, you can now watch these movies on the DailyTube website at no extra cost.

I guess you like the site already. Do check it out.

6) Filmlinks4u.is

stream telugu movies in high quality

Our next website is Filmlinks4u. Filmlinks4u is regarded as the most surfed website in India because of its multi-lingual movies and high-quality HD movies.

Filmlinks4u also allows you to download movies just as you stream in high quality.

The beauty of it all is that you do not need to have an account or be registered on the Filmlinks4u website before you can watch the films.

There is no extra cost of using this site.

7) Online Movie Golds

Are you searching for a website that will allow you to stream Telugu films in high quality? OnlineMovieGolds is here to serve you.

It offers you streaming and download services so you can now watch Telugu movies online.

Online Movie Golds quickens your search process by providing various categories of movies which let you locate your favorite movie easily.

This makes it easier to watch the latest overseas movies and there is no sign-up process before you can start watching movies on this site.

8) HotStar

If you’re looking for a website that allows you to watch Telugu movies online, I am pleased to introduce you to HotStar. HotStar had garnered widespread popularity because of its quality HD streaming.

You can stream in high quality and also download free on the HotStar website. On the other, if you wish to watch the movies right on your phone or tablet, HotStar lets you do so.

You can also watch in HD on the HotStar website if your phone or tablet is compatible with the iOS and Android platforms.

9) Smart Talkies

On our list is a website that will really allow you to watch any kind of video in HD. Smart Talkies is the site that keeps you abreast with the latest Telugu movies.

It offers you different sections that will fasten your search for any clip on the site.

Smart Talkies offers you much more. It also provides you with important information about the actors and directors of the movies you choose.

Now, you not only get to watch entertainment shows but also have additional information such as biography and video songs about the directors and actors that featured in a particular film.

10) HighQuality.website

We have another amazing website to show you. HighQuality is really proving its name by allowing you have access to a vast collection of Tollywood movies in HD.

It features a vast collection of movies not in the Telugu language. To watch Telugu films here, you have to go to the section marked “Foreign Movies”.

You need no formalities or signup to start to see films on this site.  HighQuality comes packed with a massive database that holds different movies including the oldest Telugu movies to the current ones.

Whichever one you are watching on HighQuality is free and each of them comes with their year of release.

It has a really cool interface and you will certainly like the site when you visit it.

11) Download-Anymovie

Download-Anymovie is a United States oriented website but that doesn’t deter it from hosting foreign movies.

The interface is simply configured and easy to use. The only feature lagging in Download-Anymovie is filtered search which could have simplified the search process.

On a lighter note, you can find whatever video you want; from classics to the present. There is no requisition for signup before you can watch Telugu movies here.

12) MyDownloadTube

On the MyDownloadTube site, users get to have maximum access to diverse movies. The site allows its users to watch Telugu movies online free.

The amazing feature about MyDownloadTube is its penchant for updating its database with the latest available dramas.

If you, however, wish to download a movie, you can get the subtitled version that will enhance viewers’ understanding.

You also get to view the latest information about a particular movie from the website.

The site boasts a simple design and right from the homepage you get a direction on how to find what you need.

The Download Menu is ordered into years such that you can find Telugu 2018 Movies, Telugu 2016 Movies, Dubbed Telegu 2015 Movies, Telegu Dubbed Movies, etc. as soon as you land on the site.

13) TamilMV

Another amazing site where you can watch shorts online is TamilMV. On TamilMV, you get to watch new Telugu movies free without any signup process.

If you, however, wish to access additional features such as a request for a movie upload, then you need to sign up as a member on the site.

TamilMV also allows you to stream in high quality. It also features a user-friendly interface that allows you to quickly locate your favorite movies.

For a quick search, TamilMV integrated the PreDVD/DVDScr/CAM/TC section which allows you to find multiple shows that suit your preference.

The site allows displays of movies in different qualities, especially in HD qualities.

14) HDBuffer

Just like its name, HDBuffer allows you to stream movies in high quality. It has an engaging and versatile interface that allows you to have smooth surf through the site.

HDBuffer features an updated database of videos and you can be sure to find even the oldest Telugu movie on the site.

You do not necessarily need to keep the films on your device because you can watch it online without any signup process.

HDBuffer is a really cool site that allows movies enthusiasts to have free access to watch their favorite films on the web.

15) MovieVilla.in

MovieVilla is an Indian-based website that delivers high-quality movies.

It also serves as a video sharing site where you can share movies with your friends. If you’ve been looking around for a website that allows you to view movies easily, here is one.

MovieVilla has a large database that hosts many classic movies and it allows you to also stream Telugu movies in high quality.

MovieVilla is supported by the Snaptube app and now, you’re sure of watching your favorite clips from your phone.

16) Skymovies

Skymovies is also on our list of sites you can watch Telugu movies online in HD. Sky movies do not only allow you to watch Telugu movies in HD but also allows you to download them freely.

Skymovies has a vast collection of diverse movies and it is supported by Snaptube. The website has a cool interface and you can check it out to see for yourself.

17) Bolly2Tolly

Another pick on the list of websites you can watch Telugu movies online in high definition is a website called Bolly2Tolly.

Though being US-optimized, Bolly2Tolly really has a large database of overseas movies.

Bolly2Tolly has made impressive output in allowing the viewing of videos online. It had already made remarkable improvements with the inclusion of movie trailers.

Bolly2Tolly has a user-friendly interface and caps it all with a large database that features both recent and classic movies.

Also, you get the chance to freely download Tollywood movies on this site.

It might interest you to know that Bolly2Tolly has an Advanced Search feature that allows you to sort your movie preference based on Titles, Date, and Quality.

Bolly2Tolly is one website where you can actually see movies online without any additional cost.

18) pycker.com

Pycker is your one-stop solution for everything called ‘cinema’.  The site provides you with the apt information regarding movies, celebrities and staying updated on what’s happening in the world of entertainment.

With a user-friendly interface and endless options to choose from, you can read, follow, contribute, explore your favorite movies and celebrities by spending minimal time in sifting through volumes of entertainment related information.

Find Tollywood News, Reviews, Celebrity gist, Trailers, Songs, Events, Posters and Images, and Upcoming Telugu/ Now Running Telugu Movies.

Currently, Pycker comprises 5 channels – Bollywood, Tollywood (Telugu), Kollywood, Mollywood, Tollywood (Bangla).

Find a collection of all the latest Tollywood online movies, which are available online to stream, download, rent and buy from your favorite movie streaming sites.

Visit Telugu Online Movies page on Pycker to get notified whenever a new Telugu full movie is available.

19) Einthusan.tv

When it comes to watching Telugu HD Movies for free, the next question is where to watch Tollywood movies online?

Everyone wants a place where they can find and stream old and new Telugu movies at their convenience.

Einthusan brings you all the latest Telugu full movies from different streaming websites under one roof.

Their movie library consists of over 4000+ legally licensed content from 9 regional languages of India.

From the very core, the site is user-friendly… from icons to the video player, the black-and-white design helps emphasize only what is important.

You can download movies for offline viewing on any device you like. This is one of the many benefits of being a Premium Member, like ZERO advertisements and better streaming speeds.

A lifetime Premium Membership costs $25 USD one-time payment.

You can equally watch Telugu movies using AirPlay, ChromeCast, SmartTV, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and other HTML5 capable devices and platforms.


The Indian movie industry is growing massively and Telugu movies seem to have more acceptability among other Indian movies. It had successfully gathered a fair share of some foreign markets.

They are fun to watch but most times, accessing them proves difficult.

That was why we put together this list of Sites to Watch Telugu movies Online, so you can grasp the idea of where to visit if you want to watch any movie of your choice.

We do hope you found our picks interesting and we believe you’ll have amazing moments when you visit any of these sites on your laptops or mobile phones.