40 Sites to Watch Movies Online in High Quality

We all like to have fun and one of the ways we relieve stress after a hard days’ work is to port to our favorite television channel.

It is true that most people appreciate movies over other forms of entertainment such as wrestling and skiing but the bottom line is that there are other ways you can catch fun without hassles.

I’m talking about spending your leisure time watching your favorite movies.

Technology has made it possible for you to watch movies over the internet and save the few bucks you could have spent at the cinema.

I know there are sites such as Netflix, YouTube and other live tv streaming services that offer a wide range of movies for your viewing pleasure.

The question you have to answer is: would you prefer a platform that consumes your data at a fast pace over another platform that shows your favorite movies at a lesser expense?

I know the latter will be your choice. The problem with watching movies online is that people face stringent registration requirements.


You wouldn’t want to be kept waiting by filling up forms before you’re allowed to watch your favorite movie.

Here’s a list of the:

40 sites to stream movies online free

1) YouTube

Technology has made it possible for you to watch movies over the net without downloading them or going to the cinemas either.

If you’re looking for where to watch movies online free, I guess you might have the largest video site, YouTube in mind.

YouTube is a centralized platform where you can find virtually any movie you’re looking for; provided you use the right keyword.

You can watch movies in HD and also bookmark for the future. It also a great place to stream sports highlights for free.

One feature that puts many people off when they want to stream movies online is the registration required of them.

On YouTube, you simply port to its website, search for any movie and click the play button to see it play in High definition.

Though YouTube is amazing and ranks top as the best free movie streaming site, its data consumption could be high.

So if you really want to watch HD movies online on YouTube, you must have sufficient data. Otherwise, stream in low quality.

2) Sony Crackle

Another top site that will serve your purpose is Sony Crackle. This website is an off-shoot and one of the numerous platforms offered by entertainment giant, Sony Inc.

Crackle has the best movies and TV shows from the stable of Sony Pictures Entertainment.

There are tons of full-length movies on the site so if you’re looking for a site where you can watch full movies online free, Sony Crackle is the best pick.

The problem you might have with the site is pop-up ads that spring up at intervals. There are also commercial breaks in full-length movies.

But if you can endure these, I’m sure you will enjoy spending your time watching movies on Sony Crackle.

If your search is on a site to watch free movies without registration, I advise you check Sony Crackle. There are thousands of free movies for you to select from.

3) New Movies Online

I guess you also have a fast-loading website in mind when you’re looking for the best free movie streaming sites.

We have another great site with an amazing interface. New Movies Online loads fast and features the latest movies.

There’s a search bar at the top of the site to handle your search preferences. New Movies Online has a large database that contains both new and earlier movies.

Its movie genres are Sci-Fi, Action, Mystery, Adventure, and Family.

New Movies Online is much more than a site to watch movies online; it also features TV series, documentaries, and biographies.

Simply put, it is an entertainment portal and you should check it if you want to have the best of entertainment.

4) Vidics.to

Vidics is another site to watch free movies. Vidics handles your search preferences; at the bottom, you have a collection of top movie stars.

A click on any of their profiles reveals their data and popular movies they’ve featured.

You don’t need to apply your email or Facebook address to access this site. You can watch latest movies online without signing up.

It is true that you can’t actually watch movies online on Vidics but there are links on each movie. These links redirect you to sites where you can watch the movie at no cost.

You can select the genre of movie you want to watch by clicking the drag-down genre button on the home page. There are also options for films, TV shows and news on movies.

Vidics is indeed the best site to stream watch movies online free.

5) Tubi


We have Tubi on our list. Tubi is a site that host movies in their thousands and you can stream any film that catches your fancy.

Tubi features rented movies that require your payment before you can watch full movies.

However, there are many free movies on the site so you don’t have to pay to watch them.

Tubi classifies its movies into their respective genres and this was designed to help you locate your favorite movies easily.

There are genres such as comedy, romance, horror films and documentary. You’re sure of finding popular movies here and you can narrow your search down to New Releases and Featured categories.

6) Vudu

I’m pretty sure you can only identify YouTube as the only video site. Though Vudu is relatively unknown and is not often used, it has lots of prospects for you if you will consider using it.

Vudu features thousands of movies that you can stream from the comfort of your home. The downside to this site is lots of commercials that pop-up as you watch your favorite movies.

Vudu features many movie genres and you can also find English movies online free on this site.

If the picture and video density of your device or television are low, be assured that it cannot affect your movie.

Thanks to Vudu, you can watch HD movies online in 1080 pixel quality.

To quicken your search for free movie streaming, there is the new button on the site that allows you to watch latest movies online free.

The problem with Vudu is that virtually all movies on the site are meant to be bought or rented.

If you, however, wish to have free movie streaming, you will have to put up with adverts that might block your space as you watch your movie.

You don’t have to sign up to watch movies and even when you wish to, there are no additional costs.

7) PlutoTV

If you really want to get the best of movie streaming, then use the site called PlutoTV.

As the name rightly suggests, PlutoTV features both movie streaming and television. PlutoTV offers you two different approaches to stream movies online.

The first approach is the on-demand movie library that allows you to select from the list of films. The second option is the live TV where you can watch movies the same way as they debut at the cinemas.

You can watch latest movies online free on PlutoTV and if you have your device with you, you can watch full movies on the go. PlutoTV has applications that make movie streaming easier for you.

Its applications run on the iOS and Android devices and you can alternatively watch movies online free on PlutoTV’s website.

Movie genres such as horror, comedy, and drama are available on the site.

8) MoviesFoundOnline

If you’re looking for a website that features many movies, you have MoviesFoundOnline at your rescue. There are about 40 genres on the site and there are also TV shows to select from.

Perhaps, MoviesFoundOnline is the best site to stream because there are no fees or registration before you can have access to the site.

The site gathers movies from multiple platforms and places them in an orderly pattern for easy location.

Searching for a movie on MoviesFoundOnline is quite easy because movies are categorized into the year of release, top rated and recently added.

This helps you find the freshest movies and you also get free movie streaming on every movie.

9) Retrovision

When you think of the seeing films on the web and a site that lets you stream movies online free, beam your searchlight on Retrovision.

There are many movies you can choose from and to make your search less tedious, these movies are classified into genres which you can locate on the home page of the site.

All movies on Retrovision are free and you can watch movies online in HD on the site. You can easily locate movie genres such as crime, comedy, and drama.

10) Big Five Glories

If you want to be taken back to those hay days of movie-making, then you are at the right platform. Big Five Glories is a site to stream movies free.

Its concentration is basically on classic movies; movies that were filmed when the film industry was well-organized.

You remember those days when you try to make out the face of a character in those movies without pictures?

If you’re looking for any of those movies that held a special place in your heart during your youthful years, you might be lucky to find them on Big Five Glories.

Big Five Glories brings back movies of the 70s to us and you can actually watch them online. There are also the war, thriller and sci-fi movie genres for you to choose from.

11) 123 Movies

Looking for a site that allows you watch full movies online? Do you want to have the details of your favorite movie even before you watch it?

Here’s 123Movies to your rescue. From here, you can download high-quality Hindi movies and other foreign movies alike.

123 Movies is one of the sites out there where you can have a seamless streaming experience without any advert or commercials interrupting you.

You can watch movies online free in HD on the site and if you don’t have the time to walk down to a nearest, you can rely on 123 Movies.

The site is notable for allowing users to watch movies online free within 3 weeks of their release.

So if you can’t put up with going to a cinema, you can rely on 123 Movies to upload the latest movie within weeks of its release.

You’re not required to part with any money or fill forms before watching movies on the site. Everything is absolutely free.

12) See HD

See HD actually leaves up to its name. You can stream the best and latest HD movie on this site. The problem with See HD is that you can’t find any other movie apart from HD movies on its site.

So if you’ve been longing to watch latest, you might have to narrow your search to some other site but if you really want to watch movies online free in HD, then See HD is the site for you.

Its movies are rendered in 720p/1080p quality and you don’t have to register to access the many movie genres on the site.

13) Solar Movie

Here’s another great site called Solar Movie. Solar Movie does not demand registration before you watch movies and you can watch latest movies online in Solar Movie and TV shows too.

The site has a user-friendly interface, loads fast and is constantly updated with latest movies. Classics are also available provided you use the search bar efficiently.

14) PrimeWire

If your searchlight is on a site that offers fast streaming, PrimeWire is the site for such service. There are no pop-up ads or spam information to disturb you as you watch your favorite movie.

Sign up is not required for you to have access to tons of movies on the site. PrimeWire offers its users premium services that guarantee a good streaming experience.

15) FMovies

Fmovies is a collection of many sites and all of these sites are contained in a central server. So if there is a movie on one of its sites other sites will automatically assimilate the movie into their platforms.

A visit to the site shows you that the site has a user-friendly interface that lets you navigate easily.

On the home page, you have movie classifications such as A-Z, Genres, Country and Featured.

There is also a request button where you can key in your suggestion of movies you want on the site. You don’t have to get registered to access tons of movies and TV shows on Fmovies.

16) C Movies

Cmovies is another site to stream movies online free. It is among latest streaming websites and so far, it has performed creditably.

VPN have been used to stream movies from many sites and that is what Cmovies is here to change.

There will be no VPN or proxy server on the site because these have been identified to slow down connections. If you’re looking for a site to watch full movies, here’s Cmovies.

No registration is required to use the site and details pertaining to a particular movie such as reviews, plot and cast are pointed out.

17) Free Movies Cinema

This site allows you access to watch latest movies free. Its move genres cut across documentary, comedy, drama and adventure.

You can watch movies on the site and below each movie, there are other related movies you might be interested to watch. Free Movies Cinema also allows you to share the movie you just streamed over email.

18) Yidio

Yidio is a sort of linking website. It is responsible for redirecting you to websites that host the movies on their site.

Its movie categories are quite many and you can actually get to watch full movies online free.

It grades its movies into the R, G and PG-13 rating formats. So you easily find the movie for your age and interest.

19) Los Movies.com

We have another amazing site where you can stream movies online. Los Movies is a site that offers you cluster-free movies. You can watch movies online free on Los Movies without any advert popping up on your screen.

You can watch HD movies online on Los Movies and you don’t need to get registered to do this.

Movies on the site are categorized according to their year of release, subtitles, genre, actors and many other classifications.

20) Cosmo Tube

If you’re looking for a site that offers you the best streaming service and also offers you a friendly user-interface, I would suggest you use Cosmo Tube.

Cosmo Tube offers you faster streaming and to stream any movie, all you have to do is click on its icon, sit back and enjoy your movie.

Movies on the site are classified according to their genre, popularity and release year. The home page features lots of movies and you can also use the rating to watch the movie of your choice.

All movies on Cosmo Tube come with short descriptions of their plot.

21) Vimeo

We can’t make up a list of site to stream movies without making reference to Vimeo. Vimeo is a great site with an amazing interface and it features the latest movies.

You don’t necessarily have to sign up on the site.

On the home page, you have the recently added and staff picks options. These contain the best movies on the site that you might be interested to watch.

Each movie on the site features a short description and there’s also an upload option if you wish to add more movies to the site.

22) Viewster

Viewster is here to serve your animation needs. If you want anime movies, Viewster is a site that offers you full anime movies in HD quality.

There are also collections of movies such as Murder Princess and Street Fighter on the site.

23) PopcornFlix

PopcornFlix is the next best thing that happened after Netflix. PopcornFlix offers you the best movies and you can watch movies without ads blocking your view.

It is a great cord cutting option for those who hope to avoid the exorbitant fees of Cable TV.

PopcornFlix has a user-friendly interface and on its homepage, you will find movie classifications such as new arrivals, action, drama and most popular.

If you really want stream movies online, then port to PopcornFlix for an amazing streaming experience.

24) Veoh.com

Veoh allows you to stream tons of movies and TV shows.

Veoh is just functioning in the same way as YouTube because it hosts many user-submitted movies.

There is a filtering option that sorts your favorite movies based on video length and language support.

25) BobMovies

The site is user-friendly and offers you a huge database to choose from.

There is a search button and movie categories to narrow down your search preference.

All movies on the site are offered in HD and you have to sign up before you get access to any movie on the site.

Each movie on the site has a short description and its cast and year of release are placed alongside the movie.

26) Housemovie

There have been many sites that allow you to stream movies but none has been able to allow you bring your own movies into their site.

On Housemovie, you’re allowed to submit, stream and download quality movies and the random movie feature allows you to get the best movie.

You can surf through genres to locate your favorite movies and all movies are delivered in HD. You don’t have to sign up to access the site and there’re no pop-up ads to bug your screen.

27) Vumoo

On Vumoo, you have the chance of watching documentary movies online. The site had been serially compared to Netflix and it is regarded as one of the best sites out there where you can stream movies at a reduced cost.

You can search for movies by actors, and genres and there are no adverts to disturb you. You have to go through the free sign up process before you can watch any movie on Vumoo.

Apart from this, you get access to a wide range collection of movies.

28) Putlocker

At Putlocker, you are offered the newest movies and a wide range of movie collections.

If you’re looking for a website that will feed your appetite, you should perhaps give a thought to Putlocker.

Putlocker has a user-friendly interface and streaming movies on the site is at the click of the play button. No registration is required for you to have access to its huge movie collections.

On the downside, Putlocker has pop-up ads but not to worry, they are not consistent and won’t distort your movie that much.

29) Yes Movies

YesMovies got you covered if you’re looking for where to watch films on the internet. The user-friendly interface is enough to make you feel at home.

There are tons of free movie streaming you can watch on the site without downloads. The site can be accessed both through your device and PC.

You can filter your search using the genre, country and TV series search options on its homepage.

Interestingly, you should be able to watch Telugu movies for free if you can find your way around.

The search bar is also there to help you out and you can place your request for a movie using the request button.

30) iWatchonline

iWatchOnline is another site found worthy of this list. On the site, you have access to both classics and the modern movies.

You can use the search bar to locate movies easily and there are the genres, country, and release year search preferences to ease your search.

You can take your time while searching for your favorite movie and there’s no pop-up advert to bug your screen while streaming your movie.

31) ALLUC.cc

When making your choice for a site to stream movies, ALLUC comes to mind. It is not surprising that ALLUC offers you the opportunity to have fun continuously.

The interface is superb and you can easily navigate and search for your favorite movie.

You get the opportunity of watching the best movies and its support for HTML5 makes it possible for you to stream movies in your mobile and desktop devices.

Users love this site because it has fast loading and functions as a video search engine.

If you’re looking for a site where you can watch English movies online free, ALLUC is there for you.

With its prospect of searching many sites at a stretch, you can be sure that our favorite English movie will be found on the site.

32) MovieWatcher

Movie streaming just got better with MovieWatcher. If you’ve been looking for a site to stream movies online free without paying a dime, you should use MovieWatcher.

The site has users’ comfort in mind and therefore came up with a user interface that can function effectively on desktop devices and which is also compatible with mobile devices.

MovieWatcher allows you access to free movie streaming. Also available are cartoons for children.

If you want to search the site for your favorite movie, there is the search bar and other options such as actors and year of release.

You can actually see some great titles without getting interrupted by pop-up adverts. Movies are also updated constantly so you’re sure of watching latest movies on the spot.

33) Kingmovies

In the early months of 2017, its traffic soared high and it is constantly ranking high on search engines.

The site features two sidebars; the first shows you trending movies. On this side, you’re looking at the movies being watched by users and if you’re interested, you can join the train too.

The other bar features an option that will favor you – the option of making a request for movies you want to see on the site.

The amazing thing here is that Kingmovies is moving to the next level and with constant shares of its movies across social networks and user-friendly interface – movie streaming just got better.

34) Hulu

When next the question “where can I stream movies online” pops up in your head, don’t hesitate to port your browser to Hulu.

Hulu had been classified alongside Netflix and is touted to be a viable site to watch free movies without downloading.

It offers you unlimited streaming of TV shows and movies that will pique your interest. You’re sure of finding popular movies such as Empire and South Park on the site.

If you’ve searched virtually every streaming site for your favorite movie to no avail, it is possible you might get it on Hulu.

Though users complain of its interface, Hulu is still a great option.

35) Filmstruck

I know you might not have heard of this site but Filmstruck is a site to watch free movies. You will miss your way if you’re here to search for the latest films.

Filmstruck is only interested in bringing you classic movies that held sway in decades past.

The interface is quite commendable and you can actually watch full movies on Filmstruck.

36) Snagfilms

There are many competing sites out there to wrestle streaming power from Netflix and Snagfilms is one of them. Snagfilms is out there to provide new movies so you can watch latest movies online free.

There are about 2, 000 movies on the site and this cuts across many sections such as documentaries and TV shows. Snagfilms also features categories such as Athletes and their Triumphs.

Still looking for a site to stream entertainment clips? Why not give Snagfilms a try?

37) Classic Cinema Online

Yes, we’re in the 21st century but that doesn’t stop us from taking a peep into the past. Movies of yesteryears are perhaps, the most interesting and that is why we can’t help but keep wishing to have them back.

Classic Cinema Online is offering you the opportunity of watching old movies and classics. Classic movies such as Jane Eyre and Casablanca are available on the site.

Its scope is not limited to classics because, at intervals, the latest movies are integrated into the site.

38) TV Movie Stream

TV Movie Stream is another site. The feature I look out for in sites is the interface and I must say this site has a friendly interface that makes it easy to access from mobile and desktop devices.

On the home page, you have movies classifications such as featured titles and newly added. Every movie on the site has a synopsis and rating.

39) Movie4K

Movie4k is a great site to stream movies. On the home page, a collection of top 50 movies is displayed. The site allows you to watch movies online free in HD.

For each movie on the site, there is a corresponding synopsis, cast, and trailers if you don’t have time to watch the full movie.

Movies on this site are offered using 1080 pixel quality. There are search options such as Thrillers and Top rated; allowing you to watch latest movies online even when you’re on the go.

40) Xmovies8

We’re gradually rounding up and the last site we have on our list is Xmovies8.

Xmovies8 is reputed for offering Hollywood movies and you are not required to have an account or sign up before you can stream movies on the site.

Though there are movies that require registration, thousands of movies on the site can be watched for free.

Xmovies8 is indeed, a great movie streaming site and I believe you will find it amazing.

Wrapping Up

Streaming movies over the net is one activity we all find ourselves engaged in. There’s joy in watching your favorite movie from the comfort of your home.

The problem most people face is the best site to watch movies online free.

Many users can identify with YouTube but cannot boast of having knowledge of other sites. The list of sites is here to help you decide on the site that will suit your preference.

There are sites that have a user-friendly interface while others don’t. Some others have both latest and classic movies so whichever movie interest you have, you can find a website that will offer you the best when it comes to streaming movies.